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Donut County game review donut county PS4 written game review by girlygamer aka nerfenstein

Donut County – Game Review

Donut County Flatscreen PS4 Game Review:

So I’ve been playing (and finished) this game called Donut County and I wanted to write about it right here on my blog. In Donut County you play a hole, yes, a hole in the ground and it’s your job to swallow everything.

Start small and work your way up, with the hole increasing in size with each item swallowed. If you’ve played a Katamari Damacy game, you’ll be familiar with this simple concept, but in reverse (in that game you pick up items and get bigger. If you haven’t played it, I again recommend it).

Anyway back to the quirky charm that is Donut County…

donut county game review written for ps4 version by girlygamer aka nerfenstein
Ahh Donut County, you pulled me in with your wily charming ways

Donut County shows us creator Ben Esposito is an evil genius, because as I was playing I was thinking, I am literally doing the same thing over and over again in differing environments, yet I can’t stop playing. Perhaps it was the adorably attached story, told through the townsfolk of Donut County, each reliving the moment the hole seemed to sweep in from nowhere and lay waste to their adorable lives.

donut county game review written for ps4 version by girlygamer aka nerfenstein
Take a trip to Donut County, you’ll be glad you did

Whatever the case I just wanted to say, don’t overlook Donut County, it’s a fun game and simple enough for the entire family to take turns playing. It’s not a long game, I finished it in around 3 hours or so, but I cherished every hole filling moment.

Available for:
iPad, iPhone, Macintosh, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Version reviewed: PS4

Always play online like your mother’s watching. Peace out game fans!

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