• Mon. May 27th, 2024
polymer clay meeple tasty treats by nerfenstein aka girlygamer

Yumeeples Polymer Clay Tasty Meeple pins – Video

Food Meeples Brooches Tutorial:

I had this idea to make meeples that looked like tasty treats (and other things coming soon) and this is the first attempt. This video is for a donut meeple and there’s a few others too, biscuits and chocolate and pumpkin oh my!

I’m really enjoying being able to be creative and polymer clay is perfect now I no longer have a big workshop for bigger projects. I hope you like this little foray into meeple treats. I’ve got so many more ideas for these yumeeples, I can’t wait to share them all with you (and some that aren’t so tasty.. but stay tuned for those).

I came up with this idea, so if you use it.. be a champ and give my little youtube channel a shout out… don’t be that person that doesn’t give credit to the original idea.

Here’s the video:


Mmmmm Meeples.

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