• Tue. May 28th, 2024
sauce trays for board games in pimp your game

Sauce Trays for Board Games – Top Tip Video

Pimp Your Board Game with Sauce Trays, yeah, I said sauce trays, trust me!

In this Pimp My Game episode I show you how inexpensive sauce trays can make setup and pack-down of your favorite board games a total breeze! I use these things in loads of my games and they are great! They have a cool table presence AND they are cheap.

I know this seems Aussie specific, but it’s not. Here in Australia you can get these containers in most cheap shops (Crazy Clarkes, Sam’s Warehouse etc). In the US and other places, you’ll probably find them in similar stores (so dime / dollar stores).

Got a board game with no fancy insert, this video might just be of help.


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