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Bunny Kingdom Component Repaint – Walkthrough Tutorial

Bunny Kingdom Component Repaint – Walkthrough Tutorial

Bunny Kingdom board game component repaint tutorial video:

A quick walkthrough of my repaint of the castles and other buildings in IELLO board game Bunny Kingdom. This is something anyone can do, super easy (and even easier if you have good brushes, unlike me lol) so give it a go! All you will need is the Bunny Kingdom board game (obviously), some black spray acrylic, grey, orange and green regular acrylic, a thick soft paint brush and some smaller brushes.

Bunny Kingdon board game IELLO Games Component repaint walkthrough tutorial

Bunny Kingdom! Super simple component repaint.

I hope you like yet another Pimp My Game episode, this was fun to do and Bunny Kingdom looks so pretty now they’re painted, if you get the chance you definitely should do it.

Thanks for watching folks
Do good things!
Nerfenstein Out!

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