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Sagrada floodgate games tabletop game review sagrada for kids

Sagrada Dice Game For Kids

Sagrada Floodgate Games Dice Game Kids Version

I love Sagrada from Floodgate Games, I’ve pimped the game all over the place because I think it’s just that good! Someone else who thinks the Sagrada dice game / tabletop game is a whole heap of fun is my grandson. He’s used to playing kids versions of board games (where I dumb them down), but it’s not often a game grabs him to the point of him wanting to play it EVERY time he comes over.

The joy of him playing Segrada is evident, but I also enjoy playing it with him for its learning features, both numbers, colors and placement recognition. Sagrada’s rules are easily tweaked for the toddlers / little people in your life and you can add more rules each time. My grandson has just turned 4 and is now getting to grips with Sagrada with the cards inserted (the only thing we don’t use are the tools and public objective cards (we’ll get to those soon!).

Hope you like this video to show you how great tabletop games / board games are with little ones, even if they don’t quite grasp all the rules yet:

Till next time people… what do we say?! ….

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