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It's a me!
Hey welcome to Nerfenstein’s prop making / modding lair. A self confessed geek / nerd with a love of most things of that ilk, Nerfenstein mods and props reflect that love, bringing pop culture shout outs from movies, TV, video games, tabletop RPG, comics and general geekery, either via a direct comparison, homage or humor.

Nerfenstein considers herself a ‘prop-maker in progress’ / ‘artist’.

Nerfenstein resides on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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[/tab] [tab]This website includes my official blog. Here I write up various prop builds / mods (though not all), as well as some tutorials or general geekery. You can find it by using the ‘Nerfenstein Blog Posts‘ link here or to the left in the main navigation area. You can also utilize the handy search function on the right if looking for something specific.

I read all comments and reply as soon as I can.[/tab] [tab]You can commission me to mod or make blasters and other weaponry / cosplay items. I specialize in modding Nerf and other foam firing weapons and can do display pieces. I also do foam and wooden cosplay pieces. Price depends on many aspects, including base costs of materials and time for the mod or build. As an artist I would love to work for nothing so everyone is happy, but just like you my time is precious, so please keep this in mind so you don’t have a false sense of what a piece will cost you. You’re paying for quality and every Nerfenstein mod or prop comes with a certificate of authenticity that carries the official Nerfenstein seal and signature.

If you’ve got an idea, just [tooltip text=”My email address is Nerfenstein@gmail.com”]email me your idea and we’ll see if it is possible. If I don’t reply, I never got your email.[/tooltip][/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

[box] Nerfenstein Blasters & Props can be found on Facebook and Twitter if social networks are your thing.[/box]