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NerfenTomes – Book props of Antiquity, Mystery, Fantasy and the Occult

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Looking for an epic book prop for your LARP, tabletop RPG game, bookshelf, library, cinema room or coffee table? Look no further! “NerfenTomes” are foam props that replicate closed antique books, rare books, collectible books, fantasy and occult books. If it’s a prop book of antiquity you’re looking for or any other style you like, you can commission one of those below or something specific / personalized. More info at bottom of page.

Gravity Falls Book 3 book prop by Nerfenstein
Gravity Falls Book 3 prop! Oh the weird secrets contained within!

Love animated series “Gravity Falls” so made Book 3 from the show. You can see how big this book prop is when it’s held…. mmmmm meaty.


Cthulhu Mythos inspired antique book prop
Cthulhu Mythos inspired prop tome with eldersign and lock

This Cthulhu Mythos / HP Lovecraft inspired book / tome features a raised Elder Sign sigil on the front and locking mechanism on the side. Looks really cool, great prop for any Cthulhu game or just as a talking point.


Antique book of evil necronomicon prop book with scars and eye
It’s creepy and it’s ooky.. the necronomicon.. well close.

Book prop based on the idea of a soul devouring tome like the Necronomicon. I came up with this scarred design and it turned out really cool. The all knowing eye sees everything!


Nerfenstein 40k inspired lockable tome
40k inspired tome invictus adeptus with strapping

Warhammer 40k inspired tome with strapping and buckles. Imagine the knowledge herein, this giant tome was designed by my good self to replicate what a military tome might look like in the 40k universe.


Cthulhu Mythos inspired occult diary RPG prop
Cthulhu Mythos diary prop tome

This book prop is smaller and deeper than the larger tomes. Another Cthulhu inspired art piece, this has more of a diary vibe, which is really cool.


NOTE: These ‘books’ are prop only, they do not open and contain no written content.
You can commission your own book, just email me (Nerfenstein@gmail.com) with what you need. Given the foam base, these books are light and therefore great for postage, domestic and international. As a loose price guide, the large books commission for $120-$160, medium books $90-$120 and small books $60-90 (Please note this is a guide only, just to save time and give a rough idea). The larger the book or the more intricate the detail, the more costly materials and time and therefore the book price. These are handmade pieces of art and it is that that you are paying for.