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Nerfenstein Props & Mods Portfolio

Welcome to my props and mods portfolio. Here you will find most of my recent art pieces / props / mods in an easy to glance format. If you like the look of one of the items here, you can click the magnifier icon for a closer look, or the box/arrow icon to go to full coverage of that mod or prop.

All items here are for sale and can be commissioned. If interested email me at with the title of the blaster / prop you’re interested in and I’ll see if I still have it, if not I can add you to my commission schedule. Please don’t contact me if you’re expecting a full art piece that cost $50 in raw materials and over a week to make for $40 (you’d be surprised how many I’ve had lol). Want something specific that isn’t here, I just might be able to do that too.

Thanks for looking!