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Cosplay Harley Hammer Commission Information

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I get a LOT of commission requests for this particular prop. To save me and you – the possible commissioner – time, here’s answers to questions I’ve previously been asked about this particular build. I’ll do questions in bold, for ease, please read them all and hopefully you’ll find yours there (since a lot of people ask some of these over and over).

Harley Quinn props giant hammer and pop gun
‘Your Face Here” POW BAM BOP!

How much for a hammer?
The giant hammer head is $225 USD (I do prices in USD and not AUD now as it streamlines EVERYTHING. Most of my commissions are actually American, so this makes things easier also). This is for the hammer HEAD. Posting the entire hammer is far too much hassle / cost for both of us. If you are in my local area (Gold Coast / Brisbane Australia) I can do it with the handle for an extra $30 USD but you must arrange pick up or drop off with me (will not post by Aus Post). I’ve sold numerous this way, all hammer heads come with a hole you can slot your own handle into, handles can be purchased at local hardware stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, Bunnings etc. I include info on how to add the handle yourself. This also gives you the opportunity to personalize it slightly.

Can I get it smaller?
Sure, I do three sizes actually, the giant one ($225), the medium one ($165) and the mallet ($115 – the mallet has a handle). All prices are in USD and do not include postage.

Can I get it personalized / tweaked?
Sure, within reason, just let me know your ideas for personalization when you contact me after reading this. If it’s doable I’ll do it. If it’s crazy, I might still do it, but if it adds to the overall build time / materials the price might change.

How much is postage?
International postage on the largest is $90 USD, medium is $80 (I know Australia post suck!) and the mallet is $40.
Domestic is $45 large, $35 medium and $20 mallet.

How long to get one?
The Harley Hammer takes two weeks to build and paint. Postage occurs once a week and dependent on where you are takes however long that takes. I am in Australia, so domestic for me is probably 2 to 7 days dependent on your state. International (anywhere outside Australia) 7 days to 28 days (guestimation as I can’t possibly know how long postal services work I’ve had posts to the USA take a week, one took 21 days… no difference other than the address).

I want one still. How do I commission one?
Message me on FB is the easiest way. If you’re not on FB you can email (nerfenstein (at) gmail dot com), but I check FB far more frequently. Commissions need to be scheduled in on a first come, first served basis, though if someone doesn’t need something for many months, I will slot in other commissions needed earlier.

Can you paint it different, like I want it Joker colors?
As mentioned in the ‘personalization’ section I’ll do whatever you like, you’re the customer, just let me know what you want and I’ll try my best for you.

I don’t do cosplay, I want it for display, can you put my store logo on one end?
Again, this comes under personalization and again I say, sure, whatever you want, if I can actually do it, I’ll do it for you. People buying props for display isn’t that unusual, I have people buy things for cosplay, for awards, for display. You’re the customer, do what you like, I just want you to enjoy it.

Instead of a tree log, I want a barrel, can you do that?
Your wish is my command. This once more falls under personalisation.

Harley Quinn cosplay giant hammer and pistol props
The Harley Hammer as commissioned from local cosplayer Artful Dodger.


All Harley Hammers are hand made and hand painted. They’re made lightweight so if you’re at a con you’re not dragging something heavy around all day long (no one wants that!). It looks heavy, so it’s great for display also.

Other lightweight props can be seen in the foamidables section of my site.

And I think that’s it. Check my T&Cs also as you need to agree to them before I start work on your order.

When you contact me after being here:
Know what you want, including personalisation. If you want a logo or a specific thing, attach an image so I know what you’re talking about 🙂

That’s it, hopefully we’ll be working together on something awesome soon!