• Tue. May 28th, 2024

About Old

You’re either bored or incredibly nosy lol

I guess I should try and fill this space with something exciting, something that could be scripted into an episode of the latest small screen hit, but alas, all I have is some fairly bland fluff about my love of prop making, blaster modding, pop culture, TV, tech, gaming, travel and people.

I’ve lived in Australia and the UK (London / Glasgow mostly with some Dundee thrown in for good measure). I’ve been to quite a few places around the globe, with more to go. These include, but are not restricted to – New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Miami, Joshua Tree, Florida, Maine, Spain, the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Cambodia, Thialand and no doubt a few that slip my mind. Next up on the travel plans is a US road trip that includes Toronto either at its beginning or end.

You can hire me
… to wax lyrical about pretty much any topic. I’ve previously written or co-written for online and print media on topics as far flung as social media usage and policy, future tech, television news, boardgaming, modern weaponry, travel, social science, video game reviews and articles.

… to build you props, cosplay props, movie props, TV props and things from your imagination. You can also hire me to do toy and blaster mods, like Nerf, BuzzBee and other things. Commission me or if you run a prop making company on the Gold Coast, make my dreams come true and hire me as anything, I make a mean cup of coffee.

Strange facts:
I’ve taken part in a native American sweat lodge in the middle of the desert at a mystical retreat.
I love Christian music, but I’m agnostic and don’t like organized religion.
I’m a big mouth in writing, but pretty shy in real life.
I’ve got a degree in behavioral science, despite thinking psychological study is a bit of a joke.
I have macular degeneration, with eyes that are similar to an 80+ year old woman, despite being half that age.