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Nerf AEP Pistol from the Fallout – Tutorial Part One

Posted on Sep 15, 2016 in Blog, Featured, Gaming, Nerf

Fallout AEP laser pistol Nerf mod tutorial Want to make your own Nerf AEP style Pistol from the Fallout universe? I’ve got you...

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AER9 Laser Rifle from Fallout – Another one

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 in Blog, Featured, Portfolio

Another month another prop commission completed, this time another Fallout AER9 rifle. Because I’ve done a few of these now, I...

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Destiny Duke pistol prop and Pip-Boy / Pip Girl combo!

Posted on May 20, 2014 in Blog, Gaming, Portfolio

A quick update this week with a couple of my latest 3D print projects all finished and put to bed. First up the Fallout Pip-Boy / Pip-Girl...

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Pip-Boy 3000 prop build – 3D printed and detailed

Posted on Feb 17, 2014 in Blog, Featured, Portfolio

It’s not often I get to make myself something, because I’m always making other people things, but this, this is all mine. The...

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Mad Max, Fallout and Mass Effect inspired Nerf Firestrikes

Posted on Sep 2, 2013 in Blog, Featured, Gaming, Nerf, Portfolio

Multiple Nerf Firestrike mods this week, in the form of a Fallout mod, Mad Max mod and finally a Mass Effect mod. I tried something new...

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Fallout AEP7 Laser Pistol RAOK foamidable prop build

Posted on Nov 14, 2012 in Blog, Featured, Gaming, Nerf, Portfolio

Fallout AEP7 Laser Pistol RAOK foamidable prop build – Supanova is over and I had some spare time back… I had one thing on my...

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