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Prop Maker, Nerf Mods, video game props, movie props, cosplay props, Foamidables, Gold Coast, Australia


I am a Gold Coast based prop maker and artist who specialises in weapon design and development. I have a long time passion for pop culture including role-playing, video-games, movies and sci-fi and my design work embodies this fully.

I focus on creating movie props, TV props, video game homage props and unique interpretations of all kinds of weapons for use in cosplay, LARP, movies and display. I believe in adding unique artistic interpretations and touches to every prop I develop, considering not only the artistic requirements, but also the meaning of the piece and impact it is expected to have.

My work has been featured internationally across a number of prominent websites and I enjoy working with each client individually to ensure I deliver what they need. I am currently one of the few Gold Coast prop makers focusing on this style of prop making and as one of the few prominent females in this field, I bring a new angle to the art and props I create.

I work on a commission basis, but I’m also happy to discuss contracts and larger projects.

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