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Mass Effect Carnifex turned Paladin pistol foam build

Mass Effect Carnifex turned Paladin pistol foam build

Decided to give a foam build a try, started out as the Mass Effect Carnifex pistol, ended up being a Mass Effect M-77 Predator. Not overly happy with the finished product, but for a first attempt okay.

I changed from the original Carnifex idea to the Spectre M77 Paladin, simply because I don’t think anyone has done one before, whereas the Carnifex is out there in the fan realm as a prop build. I actually like the overall look of the M77 more, with its grungy white and striking red and black decal work.

Mass Effect Carniflex Paladin EVA foam prop build

Mass Effect Paladin - Foamy goodness, light but easier than mdf

Mass Effect Paladin pistol decal

Don't mess!

The Caution decal reads this is a Spectre acquisition sidearm and if you’re not a Spectre agent and you’re caught with it you’ll be arrested and the sidearm confiscated… well we can’t have just anyone running around with top level weaponry now can we ;p

I took a photo of it with my 1:1 Avenger for size… meaty.

Mass Effect Carniflex turned Paladin EVA foam prop build

The official 1:1 Mass Effect Avenger and the Paladin foam prop build

This post written for, may well appear on other GirlyGamer social media, but if it appears in full anywhere.. well it’s someone being cheeky and using another persons hard work… how rubbish is that? So head to for the real deal.

Oh and this build is MEANT to look dirty, it’s meant to look grungy and oily and messy, it’s a battle sidearm, not a dress weapon ;p

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  1. dude someone totally ripped this off and out it on deviant art right down to your label

    BLATANT you should look and kick there ass

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