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Weapons from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Nerf mod little and large

Weapons from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Nerf mod little and large

Regulars to my blog, Facebook or Twitter will probably know I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise, well Alien and Aliens, the others didn’t happen haha. I’m also a fan of Ridley Scott, to a degree. Needless to say upcoming movie Prometheus is high on my list of movies I’m looking forward to, it’s THE film of 2012 for me.

Following on from the Sulaco mod of last week, I bring you the handguns of Prometheus, well, in my mind. The main mod is the Nerf Element Ex-6 pistol and a mini knockoff version I found in a pound / dollar store. Couldn’t resist purchasing the mini-me version, but truth be told it’s useless, too small even for my small hands, still it looks cute with the Element Ex-6.

Prometheus Nerf mod Element Ex-6 Aliens mod Ridley Scott weapon

Prometheus pistols - Nerf homage to Ridley Scott movie Prometheus

Just want to give a shout out / thanks to ‘Never Say No To Panda!’, from the AVP forums for giving me permission to use the new Weyland logo from Prometheus. Well we assume, having studied the Prometheus movie images released so far I’d say the Panda got it pretty darn close. Anyway it saved me a good hour in Photoshop, so cheers to him.

Ridley Scott's Prometheus weapon homage to the movie

Bad Boy Prometheus Weyland blaster pistol

Despite following Prometheus movie news closely and looking at the trailer and all the images released, I haven’t seen any weapons as yet, so this is my fantasy take on what it might look like Nerf style, chunky and bad-ass!.. You know.. for close encounters.

I mounted a flashlight into the body of the Nerf Element and fully weighted it so it’s meaty. Went with a gray and red theme, mainly because I had those paints available, but also to tie-in with the deep red Weyland logo.

Anyway.. that’s all, another Alien Nerf mod… I really need to switch things up a bit!
Have a good week.

Ridley Scott Prometheus blaster gun Weyland Yutani

Side by side Prometheus pistols thanks to Nerf and.. El Cheapo

Prometheus Nerf pistol with undermounted flashlight

Prometheus Nerf pistol with undermounted flashlight

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  1. Can you give me the details on the dollar store- cheap-O one? Looks kinda like a NERF scout.

    • The cheap one in the image is the little mini version I found in a dollar store, I can’t remember the make, I literally only bought it because it looked almost identical to the Nerf Element (the larger one in the images). It’s more chunky than the Scout. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  2. The weapons in Prometheus were more slender, pointy and industrial. I can appreciate the artistic intent here though, they do look good and judging from when you posted it wasn’t out yet for us to know what the weaponry would look like. A nice pair.

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