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Nerf blaster mod recycling – Cthulhu, Fringe and more

Nerf blaster mod recycling – Cthulhu, Fringe and more

Hi guys, well this week I decided to do some Nerf / blaster mod recycling, that is to say I used offcuts of other blaster mods (in this particular case the Battlestar Galactica pistols I posted to Facebook) to make some new blasters. As usual there’s a theme to these blaster mods, one is the Dimensional Shambler by R’Lyeh Revolvers (I made that up, a Dimensional Shambler is actually a creature from The Call of Cthulhu universe and I figured an old semi-steampunk styled revolver would be just the thing an adventurer in the Cthulhu universe might need). Next up is the Type 72 Promethean Plasma pistol for BioTech Securitas. Yeah, I made that all up as well, I was thinking about the green glow this blaster emits and I had mentioned the upcoming Prometheus movie earlier in the day, the Type 72 is just utter bollocks, but I thought it sounded good lol. Lastly was my big mod of the week, a remodeled Nerf Nite Finder flipped on its head Fringe Division style. Let’s take a wee closer look….

Nerf Nite Finder – Fringe Division

I love the TV show Fringe, so it was only a matter of time before I did a Fringe based blaster mod or prop. I started out by totally stripping down the Nerf Nite Finder (equipment hacksaw and willpower lol).

Nerf Nite Finder mod Fringe Division blaster pistol prop

New longer wiring

It’s always bugged me the Nite Finder red dot (well Nerf’s version of) was under-mounted. As this was all about recycling I decided to completely rewire the red dot and place it on the top rail, housed in some recycled barrel from that aforementioned BSG blaster pistol prop from a few weeks back. This was easy enough to do with a bit of soldering and perseverance. As I mentioned on Twitter, I flipped that Nite Finder!

Some remodeling went into the body, I had in mind a sort of H&K VP70z look, though it turned out a bit more sleek and futuristic and leaning toward the Sig Sauer P232. You’ll also note the green, green, green, red faux LEDs, Fringe fans will get that reference.

Nerf Nite Finder mod Fringe Division prop blaster pistol

Nerf Nitefinder Fringe Division style, obligatory B4 and After shot.. or Walternates.

Nerf Nite Finder mod Fringe Division blaster pistol

Just a pic with the red dot on, still attached to the half trigger press

The Fringe Nerf Nite Finder mod was time consuming, but a lot of fun and the finished product is definitely more of a shelf prop than a Nerf Wars gun, though it does still fire of course and there’s something cool about firing a Fringe Division pistol, or maybe that’s just me haha.

Dimensional Shambler by R’Lyeh Revolvers

This was a toy revolver I had laying around, I fully weighted it, so it feels heavy when you pick it up, I also attached a piece of the off-cut of the BSG pistol. I under-mounted this and it gave a whole new feels to the gun. I went with an old-fashioned paintjob with some brass and gold dry brushing on the main body and the gloss red under-carriage. Added some embellishments and the decals “Dimensional Shambler” in an antique looking border and R’Lyeh Revolvers. Job done!

Call of Cthulhu dimensional shambler blaster pistol revolver steampunk

Part steampunk, all Cthulhu Mythos ass kicker - The Dimensional Shambler revolver

Type 72 Promethean Plasma pistol BioTech Securitas

This was an old revolver I had laying around, again you’ll see the BSG pump from the barrel part only unlike the Cthulhu blaster, this time the pump handle is mounted as the main barrel. This gave the pistol a cool chunky look and feel, again this sucker is fully weighted, so it feels meaty when you pick it up. Mounted beneath the barrel is an acrylic tube that illuminates with a bright green LED. I located the switch in the body of the gun, inconspicuously above the trigger. The Trigger turns and is this funky nut with spikes on it (I don’t know what it is, I just liked how it looked).

biotech blaster pistol mod nerf steampunk prop making

It glows green, shame the picture doesn't show it like it actually looks, other than in the reflection

biotech plasma pistol mod gun prop

The other side with the name decals

Nerf / Blaster modding – Recycle

That’s all, all done for another week. This was just a post to say, don’t throw anything out, you never know when you might need it. Even the inside parts of Nerf guns – for those of you who like internal Nerf mods – can be useful in cosmetic modifications.

Nerf mods recycling blaster pistol parts for modding

Just to show you the parts re-used for these mods

Have a great week!

This post written for and fired via foam dart to other social networks. Join me on Facebook (Nerfenstein) for regular updates and blaster modding and prop making banter.

Till next time!

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  1. I like the blade runner gun

  2. how did you make the smooth contours at the front of the The Fringe Nerf Nite Finder mod

    • Hi DC,

      I used a hard setting hardware filler. It was actually built first out of plastic and then smoothed over with the filler. If you want to try it I actually found a better thing than filler after this mod.. Bondo / Bog. You can find it in hardware stores / Auto stores (Bondo in the US, Bog Australia). Hope that helps.


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