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Mass Effect Nerf mod Buzz Bee shotgun mod – Beginner

Mass Effect Nerf mod Buzz Bee shotgun mod – Beginner

So remember a week or so ago I was banging on about how I’d discovered Nerf? Well this weekend I decided to try my first Nerf mod, nothing huge because I’m a beginner and total Nerf modding noob. I found an Australian Nerf forum and thus far, no complaints, seem like a cool bunch of guys and really helpful (OzNerf). Anyway I popped on there to ask what paints to use, looked through some old posts etc. and then decided to get my Nerf mod on! These are the results.

The Buzz Bee Shotgun mod – Not quite Nerf

The Buzz Bee shotgun isn’t Nerf per-se, but it’s similar to Nerf and was cheap. I didn’t want to ruin any of my branded Nerf with my first attempt. Also the idea of dismantling a Nerf gun to mod it filled me with fear! The Buzz Bee shotgun was great because it was only a few parts, fairly simple innards and simple to sand.

buzz bee shotgun mod nerf

The Buzz Bee shotgun before and after the mod

So I started out the mod by taking the Buzz Bee apart, marking where screws came from, took photos on my iPhone of the innards before removing it all. Sanded the Buzz Bee shotgun down, cleaned and dried. Sprayed the pieces black, a few coats. Masked off areas when dry to do accents and the gunmetal drybrush for the barrels. Touched up with a hand brush (the masking tape I bought sucked!). Gave it a spray coat.

As you can see the plastic toy took on new life with some dry brushing. Not bad for a first modding attempt I guess and it still fires, always important lol. Needless to say because of how this one looks I won’t be taking it outside, this was just a fun mod for the shelf.

Mass Effect pistol mod – Not Nerf

The Buzz Bee shotgun came with two crappy pistols. The curvature of them reminded me of the Mass Effect M7 Assault Rifle, time for a sidetrack mod. While waiting for paint to dry on the Buzz Bee shotgun mod, I decided to do a quick Mass Effect inspired gun mod on the Buzz Bee pistol (don’t know the name!). This was literally a sanding, cleaning, spray thing. I only did it as an afterthought, so wasn’t taking it all apart or anything. As it happens this was more fun and turned out pretty well. I used the spray as with the shotgun, then used ragging and dry brushing for accents. It looks better in reality than this picture allows, as this doesn’t really show all the drybrushing.

mass effect nerf mod

Mass Effect inspired Buzz Bee pistol mod

The pistol works great, as does the shotgun. I tried the shotgun shell mod, drilling out the air-restrictor, but it didn’t seem to do anything, might need a bigger drill bit.

Nerf mods Australia and Adult Nerf collectors

Almost every adult that’s picked up one of my Nerf guns has totally had a blast. What the hell is it with people that when we get to a certain age we’re meant to stop having fun? Seriously, what’s up with that? I had a couple of Nerf guns in my trolley at the mall last week and a middle-aged -female – store assistant went “oh, who’s the lucky boy?” (FAIL 1). When my partner responded they were for an adult, the shop assistant said “Oh that’s a worry”.. really? “That’s a worry”? It wasn’t a trolley full of fertilizer and chlorine with some fundamentalist handbook open at the page “Kill Your Fellow Man”… now THAT’s a worry. An adult playing with PLASTIC guns that fire FOAM bullets… not so much.

Seriously people when you act old.. you GET old.
Work it out.

OzNerf Australian Nerfing Forum

As I mentioned OzNerf is a forum I found that thus far seems friendly and helpful, so if you’re in Australia and into collecting or modding Nerf, that’s a great place to start. As for adult collectors of Nerf, there are a few in their twenties at least on the OzNerf forums, maybe even a few in their 30’s. It’s really a shame there is no specified adult Nerf forum though, kind of makes you feel a bit of a fool when you look up Nerf mod videos and it’s mainly little kids… come on people, where’s your fun side?!

Special thanks to Clunk07 at the OzNerf forums.

Written by GirlyGamer for and fired – via Nerf – to Posterous and Tumblr. If you use those sources, be sure an comment at as GirlyGamer doesn’y check those.. seriously.. she doesn’t.. she does talk about herself in third person however.. now THAT’s a worry.


  1. Hey Girly, nice work. I love the Mass Effect gun. Almost tempted to try that myself, but now I will just live vicariously through you. Take care with that shotgun, it looks very real! Good call about not taking it outside.

    The shop worker sounds like a complete tool. She probably buys her daughter little cooking and cleaning sets for Christmas ;p

  2. You need to get down with your nerd modding, new springs compressors, go all out. Your paint job is great for a beginner, you need to get yourself some dremel lovin. It sucks you can’t buy airsoft in your country, but you can power up nerd something serious. Get to it girlygamer.

    Nice ME2 shout ;-p

  3. NERF!! Not Nerd. Shesh man autocorrect fail ROFLOL
    NERF yourself, NERF modding and NERF something serious.

  4. Your first mod? Serious? Hey not a bad job. You’ve just sold the BuzzBee double barrel to me. Saw it in store and thought it looked a bit shit tbh, but that paint job is sick.


  5. How far you have come Lady Nerfenstein. Wonderful blog, informative and the art within is growing week by week.

    • Hi Stonedzebra (tee hee),
      what a lovely comment, thank you. I leave these old posts up to show how truly bad I was LOL

  6. late to da party, but this is nice
    i hope you be doin new mass effect when the new game come out next year.

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