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Buzz Bee Reviews Australia – Buzz Bee Double Shot

Buzz Bee Reviews Australia – Buzz Bee Double Shot

Buzz Bee Double Shot Written Review – Time for a look at one of the cooler cheaper alternatives to the Nerf franchise. The Buzz Bee Double Shot is a double-barreled shotgun that utilises an air plunger system that is primed by *breaking the barrel like on a real shotgun (i.e. opening it and bending it open). What sets the Buzz Bee Double Shot apart from other gun of this ilk is the shell ammo it uses. The Buzz Bee Double Shot darts are placed into shotgun shells and these are then placed into the chamber for firing. Now for the REALLY cool part, once you’ve fired (one round or two with a half or full trigger press), when you *break the barrel to reload the empty shells eject shotgun style. Range too is pretty good at around 20′-25′ A Nerf sniper rifle does about the same lol.

buzz bee shotgun mod buzzbee nerf mod

The Buzz Bee shotgun mod - My First Attempt

Buzz Bee Double Shot Shotgun Written Review pros and cons

The pros of the Buzz Bee Double Shot are the price, which when I purchased mine it was $23 for 2 Double Shots and 2 ray gun looking pistols all in the one pack. Bargain! Another pro of the Buzz Bee Double Shot is the awesome loading and shell ejection system, which just adds a little bit more cool factor. Want another pro? This sucker was easy to mod (well check my first attempt here) and make look cooler than the fluorescent yellow it comes in. Cons, it all feels a little flimsy, so when you *break it, it can sometimes feel literally like you are going to actually ‘break’ it as opposed to just open and prime it. Two shells at a time means slow slow reload, so if zombies are chasing you… con.

The first time you load, fire and go to reload the Buzz Bee Double Shot you will think “OMFG the shells ejected how cool!!!”.
The first time you load the Buzz Bee Double Shot you will think “OMFG did I just break it?!”.

Buzz Bee Double Shot Shotgun Review Score

I think the Buzz Bee Double Shot is a great little gun, it’s cheap (or was when I got mine), looks cool and has a great ammo system not found on any of the other Nerf or Buzz Bee weapons I’ve purchased. I think the Buzz Bee Double Shot deserves a very sturdy 8 out of 10. Boomstick brilliant!

Buzz Bee shotgun mod paintjob dry-brushing

Buzz Bee shotgun barrel break and shell ejection system - Adipose models this

*break and *breaking are terms used to denote opening the barrel so the firing chambers are shown.

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  1. When the bullets pop out of the buzz bee shotgun after you firing it, there is something quite sickeningly cool about it ROFLOL

  2. Could you give me a quick run down on how you painted the gun?

    • Hi Wendy,
      use the search (bottom right) for “beginners guide”, there’s a full write-up
      Good luck with your mod

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