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Nerf Reviews Australia – Nerf Magstrike

Nerf Reviews Australia – Nerf Magstrike

Nerf Magstrike Written Review – Just a quick Nerf review, this time for the Nerf Magstrike (Yellow). First some tech specs, the Nerf Magstrike is a ten round automatic Nerf gun, that fires a quick burst of ten darts within a second or two. To prime the Nerf Magstrike you pump it and this can take upward of 10-15 seconds and even then I’ve had issues of it being fully primed and still not firing all darts. The clip for the Nerf Magstrike is top fed and double width, with the darts sitting staggered 5 a side. Range on the Nerf Magstrike is pretty good (around 20′-25′) and the rate of fire (ROF) is staggering, with one trigger press releasing all darts in VERY quick succession.

nerf magstrike review girlygamer australia

Nerf Magstrike Review - With my model assistant Adipose

Nerf Magstrike Written Review pros and cons

The pros of the Nerf Magstrike are clear, the rate of fire and range are both top notch. However given I’ve never got mine (which is brand new) to fire all ten darts I’m less than impressed with the Magstrike. Priming too means this gun is fairly useless for Nerf War (unless you have loads of preloaded – large – magazines at the ready) and even general play. Given it takes 15 seconds to prime the Nerf Magstrike and it empties with one trigger press in a second I’m scoring this sucker low. It’s the only Nerf gun I own thus far that I regret purchasing.

The first time you fire the Nerf Magstrike you will let out a “whoa”
Then you’ll realise you need to reload the clip and pump it to fire it again.

Nerf Magstrike Review Score

I realise the Nerf Magstrike has reviews on other sites that are stupid high, but for me this gun just didn’t cut it. The Nerf Magstrike review score is a flat and very average 5 out of 10.

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