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MoZella is awesomesauce that’s all you need to know

MoZella is awesomesauce that’s all you need to know

Whether it’s “Stay”, Luvsik”, “Manhattan” or any other Mozella song I loves it. I do take these fancies from time to time, where I’ll listen to only a few singers repeatedly, at the moment it’s probably Adele, Rosi Golan, Pixie Lott and MoZella who hit my playlist the most, with MoZella coming out a clear winner. I was doing some chores last week and I had MoZella blaring and my mother-in-law said “who’s singing” I said “MoZella” knowing she wouldn’t have a clue who that was, she replied “she’s good”, which actually means she’s awesome, given she’s the ONLY singer I listen to my MIL has commented on, other than Evanescence’s Amy Lee, to which she stated “she’s an awful singer, makes me want to slit my wrists” LOL.

That aside seriously, if you haven’t heard MoZella, check her out. Her stuff is on iTunes and you won’t regret it. I’ll pop a couple of her videos below so you can get a taste of that awesomesauce.



This post was transported to posterous and tumblr by tiny hamsters with jetpacks, pixel by pixel, byte by byte. For the original check out because that’s where I read the comments and reply…. well other than to those about how my blog is awesome, do I want to buy viagra and give cash to a struggling Nigerian doctor.

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  1. Never even heard of mozella before seeing this post. She’s actually really good. I bought a couple of the highest rated songs on itunes and really liked them. Weird she’s not more famous, never seen her on tv or anything.

  2. I heard her new single “Life is..” in “Love Bites” and I fell in love with ALL of her songs.
    I love the style, her voice, and the melody in her songs!

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