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Sweet Doctor Who poster infographic by Bob Canada’s World

Sweet Doctor Who poster infographic by Bob Canada’s World

I was a bit slow to catch onto this, given it’s been up a couple of weeks now, but kudos where it’s due, this Doctor Who infographic by “Bob Canada” is awesome! I’m a Doctor Who fan (for those wondering the answer is Tennant is the best) and I also like cute stuff, so this is perfect. I honestly think if “Bob” had these made into maquette’s they would sell like crazy, but I guess there would be all manner of licensing issues. You can check out a small version of the Doctor Who infographic / poster below, I don’t want to add the full size as you really should be heading over to Bob Canada’s Blogworld. You can purchase a cool poster over there also and check out the rest of Bob’s stuff.

This post originated at and was fed through a geek tube to posterous and tumblr for dramatic effect.

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