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Help with Mac App Store on computer – Hints & Tips

Help with Mac App Store on computer – Hints & Tips

I’ve been playing with the Mac App Store this morning and got emails from a couple of people asking how I even got it (Mac newbies, but still). Here’s Apple’s fail part one, you need to run a “Software Update” to find the new Mac App Store. Though this might be something we Mac owners know to do, some newbs don’t.

How Do I Get the New Mac App Store?

To do a Software Update, mouse up to the Apple Logo (top left corner), click the logo and scroll down to “Software Update”. The new Mac App Store is included in the update that’s there (make sure OS X 10.6.6 is ticked, mine was automatically). Once you restart the Mac App Store icon will appear in your Dock (mine appeared second along after Finder).

When you launch the Mac App Store it will look very familiar. As usual Apple has managed such a clean UI you can’t really get lost in it. You will have to sign in with your Apple ID (iTunes account) or start a new account if you don’t have one, you’ll also need to accept the new Terms (as usual).

Along the top of the window you will see “Featured”, “Top Charts”, “Categories”, “Purchases” and “Updates”, pretty much the same UI you’re used to if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad etc. The “Purchases” page is handy and seeing all your purchases neatly set out is great.

Main Mac App Store page shows featured items at the top in a nice banner, with “New & Noteworthy”, “What’s Hot” and “Staff Favorites” beneath. Oh and those “Apps” you already own, like iPhoto, or iMovie, they state “Installed” next to them, even though they are not added to your “Purchases” list, so clearly the new App Store picks up on those things you already have installed, prior to the release of the Mac App Store. There’s nothing negative to say about the UI, other than perhaps Apps could be doing with an “Uninstall” button as at present it’s pretty faffy to do so and placing them automatically in the dock could get messy very fast indeed. Overall though, as with all things Apple, it’s neat and simple, whilst being ultra stylish.

Mac App Store Pros:
Simple to navigate
Loads of Apps
Launch with 1,000+ Apps

Mac App Store Cons:
Apparently hard to find for the Mac newb (who don’t know to go to Software Update
No “Uninstall” feature in the Mac App Store for Apps
Apps appear automatically in the dock area / No Mac App Store Folders option
Must be running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to access the update

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  1. You also need the latest OS I think, Snow Leopard or whatever or you dont even get the choice to update. My old MacBook Pro doesn’t give me the option anyway, totally annoyed about it, but hey Apple just lost some money since I can’t buy stuff in their App Store.

    Thanks for the runthru tho


    • hehe I popped that into the “Cons” section.

      Thanks for the kind words

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