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How to get GetGlue stickers a guide for sticker cheats

How to get GetGlue stickers a guide for sticker cheats

Greetings GetGlue sticker collecting fans. If you’re a TV fan like me, you’re probably on GetGlue. Every time I get a GetGlue sticker I’m going to add how I got it here, assuming I know how I got it. This is a sort of GetGlue Sticker cheat sheet for those who love collecting them. I’m not a GetGlue sticker whore, I usually only check in when I am actually watching a show, but we should get a few good ones here regardless and if other users tell me how to get certain stickers on GetGlue, I’ll update this post also, so it will be an up to date GetGlue guide for how to sticker list.

GetGlue Sticker Help Guide

Battlestar Galactica GetGlue sticker help guide:

To get the Cylon sticker check-in to 5 sci-fi themed shows. This one is a bit hit and miss.

Bones GetGlue sticker help guide

I’ve only managed to get one sticker here and it was by mentioning Booth and Brennan so check-in with “Booth and Brennan”.

Fringe GetGlue sticker guide keywords:

For the Olivia GetGlue Sticker (I think) try: Peter Died
To get the Walternate GetGlue Sticker try: Secretary of Defense
For the Department of Defense GetGlue Sticker try: Glimmer
To get the Walter Bishop GetGlue Sticker try simply checking in with: Walter (though it may be Shape Shifters)
I think the Faux-Livia GetGlue Sticker is gained by keywords: Glowing Light (though it may be Walter)
The Red Fringe Division GetGlue Sticker is gained with keyword: Cortexiphan
For the Fringe Division Agent GetGlue Sticker: check in to Fringe 5 times.

Fringe Sticker keywords that may or may not have sticker properties: “Red Lantern and Red Arrow” is also reported to bring up the Experiment Subject sticker.

Glee GetGlue sticker guide keywords:

To get the Gleek sticker just check in 5 times to Glee.
For the Super Gleek GetGlue sticker check in 15 times.
Sue Sylvester sticker may be an episode check-in sticker ie Check-in when it’s on it the US (maybe only available on November 9)
Rachel Berry GetGlue sticker try adding “Rachel is a Superstar” to the check-in.
Dynamic Duo GetGlue Sticker how do you get this? Easy check-in to Glee, then Raising Hope.

Pretty Little Liars GetGlue sticker guide keywords:

To get the Pretty Little Liars fan sticker just check-in 5 times
To get the Rosewood Insider sticker you need to watch the trailer and put the word trailer in the check-in (or maybe just check in before the new season).
Next up it’s how to get the character stickers for the show:
To get the Aria GetGlue sticker it’s a stupid phrase: “Aria has a secret relationship with the teacher Mr Fitz”.
To get Hanna’s GetGlue sticker type in “Hanna knows who A is but was hit by a car. Hanna also makes herself throw up to lose weight and is poor”.
For Emily it’s a check-in with “Emily has a secret relationship with Maya”.
And for the Spencer GetGlue sticker check-in with “Spencer secretly steals things like her sister’s boyfriend and the student council election”.
You can also get the “Group Secret” sticker by checking in with “I think of Jenna”.

True Blood Get Glue sticker keywords:

For the FangBanger GetGlue sticker try: I Love Eric & Pam, or I Love Jessica & Hoyt.
Wondering how to get the GetGlue True Blood Hookah sticker, wonder no more, the phrase is: I love Lafayette! Ring ring hookah ring ring

How to get random GetGlue stickers:

Couch Potato Sticker just like so many shows.

Online content GetGlue sticker guide:

This Week in YouTube GetGlue sticker check-in to This Week in YouTube 5 times.
For the Tech News Today GetGlue sticker it’s another five check-in to that.

GetGlue book sticker guide:

Check-in to Zero History by William Gibson and Penguin will reward you!

Post originally at and if you have any GetGlue sticker hints and tips, please add them to the comments to hlep other GetGlue users.


  1. I love collecting GetGlue stickers, thanks for the sticker guide. Do you know why I only get some stickers for shows that have a GetGlue Sticker for when it airs? I am in Australia. Someone told me you only get them in America, that can’t be right as GetGlue is a worldwide site and not GetGlue America.

    I was stickers for Star Trek.

  2. Hi thanks for the getglue sticker guide. It bugs the shit out of me some of them are USA screening timed and then “not available” after that, FFS we watch TV all OVER THE WORLD and getglue makers need to realise that and stop being so fucking egocentric.

  3. Agreed the USA centric air times made me stop using getglue there is no point trying to collect their stickers when I am second class for not living in the US.

  4. Thanks for the getglue stick guide. I was trying to get help getting getglue stickers. Some of them are so annoying though when you watch it after its been on in the states you get nothing, talk about being up their own ass.

  5. GetGlue has turned to shit. Firstly you don’t get to keep any Guru things you earn because their are people on GetGlue now who have thousands of followers and they just steal them from you anyway because they put out a thing saying I want to be guru of whatever show and all their minions vote and they get the guruship, even if it is a show you love and check into and know a lot about. Getglue has just become like the other social networks where people with a huge network will screw over the actual fans, so really there is no point. GetGlue needed to not add in the steal a guru thing and also they needed to crackdown on the people who just want to be guru to add to their GetGlue guru number rather than actually being a contributing member to the GetGlue community.

    I haven’t bothered with GetGlue now for a month or so because the 3 shows I was the guru of for many months all got taken off me by someone who clearly doesn’t even watch them.

    GetGlue has failed its loyal members like me and now is just a vapid pit of guru sluts.

  6. Where do we put some of the phrases? For example: movies, shows, thinking of a topic…… which ones? I don’t get a lot of the stickers or they justdon’t come up

  7. To get the fringe sticker for Faux-Livia GetGlue Sticker is gained by keyword: Red Arrow Red Lantern

  8. How do you become guru of something?

    • To become guru of something on GetGlue you need to like it, leave a review and have other people reply or leave agreement to what you’re said. This is why a lot of people are now finding GetGlue pointless, because if you truly love a show and someone else with a thousand friends wants to be the guru they just get all their friends to help you steal it. The ‘GetGlueFail” comment kind of covered this issue, to colorful effect.


  10. There are so many whores on getglue now its not even worth trying to get guru, it’s like 4square and all the other award sites, people with no lives will just sit and log in and in and in with there loads of followers and just get the guru away from the actual people who love them shows. Yeah that is so right.

  11. Girlygamer are you gonig to update your list of how to get GetGlue stickers because I got all the ones you listed so far.

  12. does anyone know how to get all the new Breaking Dawn stickers???

    • There is one where if you say I’m listening to “Bruno Mars” You will get a breaking Dawn part 1 sticker

    • You can get one from listening to Christina Perri 🙂

  13. None of these worked at all for me. todays date October 20th 2011

  14. I am new to getglue and I was wondering where you put the keywords or cheats to get the stickers tried everything. I am using a tablet so I download the android version

  15. I’m fairly new on the GG site. I have a question for you GG. How many times do you have to check in to become a Super Fan? By now my status should be Super Fan. Plus it don’t even show what my status is! I love the cool stickers I just don’t like all the glitches with GG. Plus I’ve checked into BET a lot, I would love to get a BET “Trayvon Martin” hoodie sticker!! Thanks GG.

  16. i unlocked 20 stickers on getglue how do i get them plsss tell me ???

  17. wait until a window say mail me my stickers or click on the word more and click stickers and on the right and side there is a box saying mail me my stickers so far I have had 60 sticker mailed to me I hope this helped and if want to follow me on Get glue My name on there is Kevin K. and the Pic is The Dallas Cowboy Star if have any question reach me there

  18. Thanks for the Fringe stickers…my favs!

  19. Hey does anyone know how to get the “Looper on MSN” sticker? The hint says something about checking-in on MSN, but I don’t know how to do that. If someone could explain how that would be awesome

  20. u go on getglue on ur computer and click stickers. then click the box tht says order stickers or something like tht

  21. to get some KCA (kids choice awards) stickers check following instructions here

  22. I’m a bit confused. I’ve been planning on joining GetGlue for a while (mainly for Walking Dead stickers haha) but only today did I join. I’ve read a few things about it and now I get the impression that only certain countries receive stickers. Is this true, and if so, what countries?

    • Australia receives stickers, unless they’ve changed it recently. I’ve received stickers and I am based in Oz. If you’re talking about getting the stickers when you check-in, that has always been a point of contention because GetGlue seemed to tie that into the US Airdate / Time (That’s why I stopped using their service… very US centric). To get around this, check what’s trending and just check-in, even if you’re not watching here in Australia at the time.
      Hope that helps.

  23. Thanks, yeah that does help!

  24. how to unlock old castle stickers

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