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Conspiracy theories and missiles off coast of the US

Conspiracy theories and missiles off coast of the US

I’m big on conspiracy theories, if there is a conspiracy theory I have probably read about it. This week the crazies came out and it got me thinking about what is wrong with conspiracy theorists and why the general population think most of them are crackpots. Now don’t be cheeky my friends, I know you thought “but aren’t they?”.

Some of them are …

Some conspiracy theorists are definitely a little loopy, but like this lady below, they think they’re helping people (or trying to drum up hits on their YouTube channel and make some cash <- cynical much). If you missed this video it went up today when all the "Missile off the US coast" news kicked off. I'll put that video below too for those that missed it. But seriously, watch Colleen, she's a hoot.

Man.. the only thing I got out of that top video other than a laugh and a WTF was “lady upgrade your phone handset! This isn’t 1988!”… maybe it’s a phone equipped with all sort of govenment jamming devices… and a speak and spell.. so she can phone home.

Best parts of the video for me:
“this is not insanity, this is ascension” <- Classic. and the thing about the galactic north. I'm not sure a galaxy has a north? ... Well not without an initial point of reference anyway...

What if the nutjob is right? …

If the nutjob is right, the only people who will survive a major disaster are the nutjobs who believe the original nutjob and then actually act on the message. Comforting isn’t it? The problem with messages like this is you watch it and think “loopy”, but imagine (aliens aside) some of what she’s saying is true.

Governments do naughty things to their own people and other countries all the time, records show this is the case (shall we bring up MKULTRA, The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Holmesburg Prison experiments, Agent Orange spraying, Project 112 and the list goes on), but mostly it goes on and we don’t realize until years later.

Conspiracy theory of conspiracy theorists …

So here’s a theory I came up with while watching Colleen bang on about the invasion by non marked (UN LOL) troops. Conspiracy theorists of this type HELP the very people they’re trying to protect us from (well in their minds anyway). Because they’re so off the wall, people think crackpot. So maybe the government pays people like Colleen to freak out on YouTube… ahh clever (you can come up with a conspiracy theory for pretty much anything if you try).

Seriously though, I think the worlds governments get up to no good all the time, history doesn’t change that much, we’re all still fighting wars, trying to get wealth and treating each other like crap to get a leg up (well not all of us, but enough for it to be annoying). So why should the fact governments / groups set things in motion to kick off conflict, or gain a political leg up when they want more power really be that big of a surprise? Perfectly plausible and yeah, I am one of those 9/11 crackpots, I think it’s probably just like the Reichstag Fire (which if you don’t know about, you should look it up. Major disasters plotted for political gain aren’t a new thing).

I might go make a video about that.. and the NWO…. and the power of the media…. assuming aliens don’t suddenly appear obviously, but I should be fine, provided our secret / shadowy reptilian overlords never see this post……

Actually.. I think Alex (below) is onto something.. I watch a LOT of TV for work… I think this explains a LOT….

Article originally appeared at comment there as they’re the only ones I see.

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