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Strange vintage items and some funny weird ads

Strange vintage items and some funny weird ads

My dear friend @fnuckle loves reading about strange things for sale in those quirky buy from home magazines. I am dedicating today’s post to her. What we have here is a pick of some of the more bizarre things you once could buy, along with some odd advertising. Some of these are totally weird, but that’s what makes them so awesome lol.

Here we go…

Face protector for snow storms – Once sold in Canada

I think this is my personal favorite LOL


Makes you wonder what Max Factor and other make-up companies tell you now doesn’t it?

Baby Cage, attached outside window for baby to get natural sunlight and fresh air when living in a high-rise tenement block

Well if that doesn’t put you off…

Cinema advert especially for @fnuckle lol

And that is the end of the oddities until next time.

This post originally appeared at and it was flung through a Stargate or wormhole to Tumblr and Posterous. If you’re reading it there and wish to comment (and why wouldn’t you?!), head to as they’re the only comments I read and respond to. Thanks! xx

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  1. I looked at some of these things and all I could think was “people are such oddities”.
    Nice finds thanks for sharing.

  2. Some of those are weird, not to mention dangerous. And they say we youngsters are crazy now? Look back grandad.

  3. Thanks for the workday laugh.

    Face protector for snow storms – Once sold in Canada <= Also great for reserving your personal space and avoiding kisses from strangers. Hangover Heaven <= WTF is that all about!?!??!!??!?! Wonder Sauna Hot Pants <= Imagine swimming in them, you'd flip over and drown. So anyone who actually paid money for those, put them on and go for a swim. Baby Cage <= Where can I order one of those for my niece?

  4. Dude, don’t go bashing those Canadian snow storm masks too much until you’ve been walking home at night through one with a negative fifty wind chill. Wonder if those can still be purchased somewhere lol, might be handy come next season. Although come to think of it, your breath would probably freeze in sheets inside that cone… hrrrmmm

    • Haha I would NEVER bash anything Canadian, I’m a big Canada fan, I have awesome friends there.

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