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Robots that seem real kinda freak me the hell out!

Robots that seem real kinda freak me the hell out!

Maybe it’s because some of my favorite movies / TV shows involve mega-corporations / civilizations thinking it’s a good idea to make intelligent machines and it always goes pear shaped (usually with them wiping out their makers!). Maybe it’s because the Uncanny Valley gives me the creeps. Whatever the case, the following video CREEPS ME THE HELL OUT!

Okay so she’s not going to be taking a *sawn-off shotgun and a pair of sunglasses off the nearest biker and saying “I’ll Be Back” before wiping out a police precinct in search of the mother of the future, but tell me that isn’t creepy! Not creepy enough for you? How about if this thing had guns for hands and was owned by the military!! Oh yeah, now you’re thinking it’s kind of scary aren’t you!

Yeah.. go think on that…

*sawed-off for US readers.

This post originally appear at and it was flung through a Stargate or wormhole to Tumblr and Posterous. If you’re reading it there and wish to comment (and why wouldn’t you?!), head to as they’re the only comments I read and respond to. Thanks! xx

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