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Airsoft and pellet gun laws in Australia – No Airsoft for you!

Airsoft and pellet gun laws in Australia – No Airsoft for you!

Airsoft guns are pellet guns, they come in different types, but Airsoft weapons are essentially, non lethal plastic air or gas powered pellet guns (generally AIR thus the name). Given this post covers the topic of firearms in Australia, I have no doubt this post will have its detractors, but hey we’re all entitled to an opinion. Maybe this will also open the mind to issues like this and how sometimes things aren’t strictly black and white.

It’s Almost Halloween so….

Something like this

I needed a gun for my costume. Being a bit of a pedant, I wanted it to look real, but not be real (obviously). Airsoft guns are just the ticket. When I lived in the UK I collected Airsoft pistols and had quite the collection, they were a hoot to use for target shooting in the back garden. I had one particular favorite, a Walther P99 CO2 with under-mounted laser sight along with a bunch of random Airsoft Glock models and H&K models. I knew there were different laws here in Australia, so started to look into it, looking for an Airsoft seller, Airsoft club etc. Things didn’t go so well.


Oh what a dichotomy! – It may seem strange for someone who collected replica firearms to say, but I am actually anti-firearms. I don’t think there’s a need for your average Joe or Jill to own a gun that can kill someone. I get the “right to bear arms”, and sure I agree anyone should be able to protect them and theirs with reasonable force, I just don’t think blowing someone away is reasonable. The thing is I also believe as an adult I should be able to own something that is non lethal, like an Airsoft pistol. The problem of course – I assume – is that some chump might wave a plastic gun around in the wrong place and end up on the wrong side of an actual police bullet, since it seems Aussie police do like to whip out their sidearms, even when someone is using a melee weapon as opposed to an actual missile weapon…. not so good.

Airsoft weaponry

Airsoft look realistic which is a bit of a problem

So you see the problem….

Airsoft gun ammunition

Plastic pellets = Ammo

Despite this being what the ammunition for Airsoft weapons looks like (yes little plastic balls – if you look closely at the MP5 above, you’ll even see these scattered on the foam) I guess unless you take out the magazine, you’re not going to see that.

For those wondering, the most damage these can do is leave a little red welt and that’s from a more powerful air gun. Given I’ve felt the pain of both, I would have to say your average paintball shot taken to the body hurts more than an Airsoft round.

To get an airsoft gun in Australia you must…

With regards to the Halloween costume I contacted a gun store (oh sure, you can buy ACTUAL guns in Queensland) to see what hoops I would need to jump through to get a pretend, plastic gun, that fires little plastic pellets and at worst give a little sting if fired at point blank range. Here’s the reply:

All guns are licensed in Australia. Therefore you need a license before you can do anything. Pistols – including air pistols – are a much stricter license which takes about 12 months to get. I would advise going with a longarms license to start with. Contact the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia. They will be able to help with getting the license – as you have to do a safety course before you apply for the license, and they also run the safety courses.

They will also be able to help with the costs involved and how long it will take. You will probably need to join them – to use as your reason for wanting a license.

Ahhh the “costs involved” of course and then one would assume a further membership fee and safety course fee? I see what you’re up to. But I don’t want a safety course, the only safety I need is, don’t fire the plastic pellets at people, particularly squishy parts of people, like eyes. Damn you Airsoft + Stupid People + Realism!

Airsoft Clubs / Groups in Australia

Bless them, they do try. There is a movement to TRY and get Airsoft legalized in Australia that won’t need a proper gun license. Back in the UK one of my friends is REALLY into Airsoft, he has the entire getup, the camo, the guns and him and his mates go to a field / woods (usually hired) and take plastic potshots at each other with their pretend guns, no license required, you see in the UK the licensing laws are based on muzzle velocity, clever. That means something with a lame muzzle velocity (how fast the projectile travels) like say, a plastic Airsoft pistol isn’t classed as, ya know, something that fires ACTUAL deadly bullets.

Oh and for those wondering, you need to do the whole licensing thing for a paintball gun here in Australia as well. So essentially we are getting people who would probably never be tempted to buy a REAL gun, to gain a license and training that would allow them to do so, all so they can use a toy gun… see the issue here anyone?

For those wondering I solved the Halloween gun issue by borrowing a martial arts practice gun… that ironically looks real at a distance.

Images and info:
Airsofen, Pbase, Veryuseful. Airsoft Australia


  1. hahaha, what about the ‘guns’ we were talking about the other day in your office? I accuse Professor Plum in the study with the big chunk of wood (shaped like a gun) to the back of the head! Interesting though, considering any old fool can buy guns and ammo from WalMart in the US!

    • I see one reall justfication, and that is it reduces the complexity for a cop at a scene, if someone is holding a gun, it is very likely to be a real gun and act accordingly. But I’d love a play airsoft gun. πŸ™‚

      • Ages since I wrote this piece, but yup, totally agree. Thanks for the comment Paul.

  2. The australian airsoft laws make little sense to me. I lived in spain and could purchase airsoft guns from my local corner shop. To force people to gain an actual gun licence would seem to merely ask for trouble.

    Come on Australia make airsoft guns legal, perhaps a soft gun licence?

    • I live in Australia and it does suck that you have to get a class A license to get a air soft or paint ball gun. Like Pelletfan said, they should make a “soft” license. You also have to understand where Australia is doing as well. There are idiots who do stupid things with guns, also you dont even know why they made licenses for guns. You used to be able to go out and by a 22 when my dad was a kid (about 30 years ago :p) but there was the Tasmanian massacre, on the 28 April 1996 was a killing spree in which 35 people were killed and 21 wounded by Martin Bryant. In my conclusion, Australia should make a “soft” license πŸ™‚
      Thank you

      • Yeah I’ve been asking for permission for a gun licence and my parents said your not allowed because of the 1996 issue. Jesus.

  3. A mate of mine, a cop said the airsoft law is to stop police mishaps, because airsoft weapons look realistic to the casual observer and could therefore be used in hold up crimes and could lead to real firearms deaths. I know this doesn’t excuse what seems a stupid airsoft law downunder but it may go some way to explaining it. As for being allowed to purchase them once you have an actual gun licence, where do you buy them?

  4. The airsoft laws in Australia should mirror that of the UK, but they don’t. There is this stupid disparity that makes little sense. In the UK the police do not carry REAL sidearms, ie guns. In Australia all police carry guns. In the UK you can freely purchase Airsoft guns, collect them, go on Airsoft weekend meetups, all safely. In Australia you need to get a REAL gun licence and even then getting to purchase an Airsoft guns in Australia is harder than purchasing a REAL handgun. There is no sense in this. It is as though the law wants people to be tempted to puchase a real weapon, as opposed to a plastic pellet weapon.

  5. Stupid laws and in the US they are trying to push through laws to allow college students the right to take real guns into class.

  6. They are never going to change the airsoft gun laws and rules in australia, stupid though they may be. Australia is becoming more and more like the U.S. in that airsoft guns being legalized would lead to lawsuits galore when aussie cops start shooting kids with plastic guns. lets face it aussie cops are a little trigger happy.

    • aussie cops trigger happy? nowhere near the US cops though ive seen a cop tackle a guy with a bat not one cop had there firearm drawn. in saying that they have shot a teen girl in the head she had a knife and was far away from the lethal zone the police use to measure a threat

  7. moan moan moan
    you’d all be complaining if there were suddenly loads of ‘armed’ robberies with dickheads running around with plastic guns that looked real. Or what about people playin with them and the cops shooting them.
    That’s why airsoft are banned in Australia, our cops are shit and we can’t trust them not to shoot some kid with a plastic gun.

    • Funnly enough, there has been a big increase of armed robberies on the gold cost in the last few weeks, oh, and by the way, airsoft is still not legal. and the “experts” believe its due to lack of work, so people are resorting to robbing others. robberies have never been due to an abundance of firearms, they have always been due to people wanting or needing money. you ban firearms, the outlaws will still get them illegally, or just start using knives, syringes, improvised explosives. or just threatening that the suitcase they have in their hands is rigged to blow if they let go of it, and to give them a bag full of money, theres no lack of ways to rob someone. The Argument of robberies happen less when there are no firearms about (real or fake) is mute, “armed” robberies may happen less due to a lack of firearms, but then they just happen with other weapons.

      • Don’t get me started, seeing my UK friends able to play airsoft just makes me more angry. We are treated like children in Australia by our government, it’s part of the reason we don’t have an 18 rating for video games. Save the children save the children, but they will let other laws pass all the quicker that are far more harmful. God damn nanny state.

        • I Know eh,

          It Sucks you may as well ban bat sports becuase you might rob someone with a cricket bat, while there at it the can ban rocks and sticks and cars because you ‘may kill someone’ to me they seem more lethal than a plastic toy that shoots plastic, and yet they put a tax on carbon, thats useful.

          Wheres the airsoft license, Come On Australia!!

  8. Seriously some of you guys need to take a chill pill. This argument normal people are going to use airsoft guns in robberies or whatever is utter shite. In the UK the cops don’t even carry guns and airsoft guns are sold there freely. It does make you question the competency and trigger happy nature of Australian police doesn’t it?

    Make airsoft legal in Australian, so us airsoft fans who move from the UK to Australia don’t suddenly lose out entire hobby.

  9. Since the Port Arthur Massacare the then PM John Howard introduced stricter and tighter gun laws thus making it illegal to own either an air rifle, or a bb gun without a firearms license and training etc

    When i was 12 years of age i went with my Father to the local K Mart store sporting good section and he bought me an air rifle for my 12 th birthday. He simply handed the money to the sales guy and there was no license requirements. I had loads of fun with my mates shooting cans and paper targets for a number of years. That was way back in 1968 in Australia when the laws where far more relaxed and life in general was far better.

    Later in life i worked many years as a security officer and i was issued with .38 smith & wesson revolver. In those days i had a fully unrestricted Firearms License with ABCD endorsements. I received regular and extensive firearma training whilst i worked as a security officer.

    Personally i think airsoft guns should be legal in Australia without any license requirement for persons 16 years of age and older however with the current laws i don’t think it will happen.

  10. Just because some of you are mature, law abiding airsofters, doesn’t mean a bunch of no brain bogans wouldn’t start buying them and using them in robberies all over the country. Think about that.

    • well funny thing about that Quinn, is that a bunch of no brain bogans can buy real firearms without a problem, even if you have a firearms license you cant get airsoft. (yes i have a firearms license and no I cant get airsoft) as you require a genuine reason to own any particular firearm, and while I have a genuine reason to own a real firearm IE shooting on a property, that doesn’t entitle me to own an airsoft tagger as there are no places you can legally use airsoft in Queensland.

      In other words, the way law is at the moment, you cant get airsoft, but you can get full metal replica’s and real steel firearms if you want. The Argument about using airsoft for hold ups is absolute nonsense if you have to go through firearms licensing to get one because if you wen’t through firearms licensing to get a firearm to hold up and rob some place or someone, then wouldn’t you just get a real one?! since no one in australia sells airsoft, you would have to import it, and in the end you could probably pick up a decent 2nd hand rifle for less than an airsoft one. and if your going to rob and break the law, then why would you be going through the system to purchase a fake airsoft tagger, you would more than likely be looking to purchase it illegally through other means because well thats what people who don’t follow the law do isn’t it?

  11. @Gory dude
    You couldn’t be more wrong, this has little to do with crime statistics. The legalisation of Airsoft would have zero impact on crime. As @Jamoise touched on, the recent spate of crime in Australia has occurred regardless, probably down to economic factors mixed with desperation.

    Great post mate and some really good points. I too had an air rifle in my teens and it was one of those things that I remember so very fondly. I had good parents who taught me good morals, I never did any harm with my rifle, and it didn’t stop me having a blast.

    • most robberys are economic the biggest one is the over priced illegal drugs. the war on drugs is responsible for the majority of crime in the world

      • I really need some context for this post given it was written years ago and have no recollection of anything I’ve replied with since. I studied criminology and sociology at uni, so I’m aware of the issues of the illegal drug trade, but given no context I’m unsure how that related to Airsoft… so I actually can’t really respond to you definitively with anything.

  12. Too bad but the stupid people in Australia who did stupid things had the bb guns banned. Besides we did not use to have responsible organizations for airsoft games etc. Now we can but too bad the law is in place. there will still be stupid people who will get themselves killed by cops for threatening people with bb guns in public. And deny the real responsible people who actually want to participate in airsoft games or collecting the bb guns a real chance. Despite the law, illegal real gunS still roam the streets and actually killing innocent people. How F’ked up evrything is!!!!!

  13. There are a lot of reasons Airsoft guns are restricted / banned in Australia. After reading through the comments here it seems a lot of people don’t get it. Firstly Airsoft look real, that is THE biggest issue with them. Law enforcement cannot tell the difference, and this therefore causes dangers not only to the police, but also to the Airsoft user in Australia.

    You will see this week the Victorian police once more shot and killed a civilian using a knife, a knife people! Now imagine the woman was holding an Airsoft gun. My guess is the police would have killed her a lot sooner.

    • I think YOU don’t understand, even your own argument. Perhaps the problem is with a trigger happy police force? Maybe? No? It HAS to be an incompitent user? You’re an idiot. Let’s blame the people who are meant to be protected for being stupid rather than the protectors for killing the people they’re trying to protect. Yeah, real fuckking logical.

  14. I see you have discovered Nerf. They don’t look real at all unless you are a professional modder, but it is about the only option short of getting a real gun license here in Australia.

  15. Bring Airsoft League to Australia!!

  16. There is a push for Airsoft, don’t fret, it might happen.

  17. Australian Airsoft and paintball laws are bullshit you should be able to get a plastic gun without having a gun licence this is bullshit

  18. If Airsoft was only sold to people over 18, Had laws similar to real firearms in regards to possession and use and had venues similar to paintball there would be hardly any decent reason to ban it. In South Australia the law states that any Airsoft or similar “toys” with a muzzle velocity of 180 feet per second or greater, One metre from the muzzle are firearms, I have a colt 1911 spring pistol that fires at about 170fps which I purchased from the brickworks market. Therefore it is not considered a firearm by that law, However there were prerequisites to be met before a purchase could be finalized. Which were:
    -Must be over 21 years of age.
    -Read through 3 pages of information regarding the consequences of misuse. Which were basically the same as a real LETHAL firearm.
    -Provide drivers license upon signing a “form of possession” one of which stays with the customer, one to the store owner and one to a state police station.

    Hopefully the fps restriction will move to 300 fps (which is roughly that of a paintball gun) and fairer laws are put in place, All any Airsoft enthusiast in Australia wants is a fair go.

    On a final note I shot myself point blank in the arm and it barely left a mark using my 1911, even if the Airsoft gun shot at 300fps a paintball weighs much more…

  19. can somone with a rifle license by air soft pistols/handguns

  20. I heard a rumor the airsoft and pellet gun laws might be changing for Australia, does anyone have any confirmation this is true and we’ll soon be able to buy airsoft here without a lisence?

  21. The joys of living in the nanny state, we’re potty trained and it never stops.

  22. Airsoft laws may change with the extensive lobbying and partitioning going on but not for some time, attempting to change legislation takes forever and even then there is no guarantee. The likely hood of gaining legal access to airsoft without a license is practically non-existent for any state but South Australia, even then you can only get <180fps handguns which have serial numbers and are registered with SAPOL as mentioned by Sean. If you have a real firearms license airsoft is still out of reach as you require a legitimate reason for importation and private ownership. Since there aren't any airsoft firing ranges or fields the only barely permissible reason is film making, which means you would end up with essentially what is a non-firing toy. If you want answers regarding the legality of airsoft I suggest you look at the customs PDF for airsoft/BB/soft air and your state laws. Trying to get an airsoft handgun with a rifle license would be no different than trying it with real firearms and if you have any firearms license then you should already be aware of this.

  23. There’s a movement starting to get AirSoft legalized in Australia as a sport.
    Cross your fingers this goes through. Mind you with Australian politicians in charge, you might as well key in the year 2034 as the year it will be passed.

  24. i do think the laws are bullshit i think bb guns should be allowed but mabye they should have some way to define them from a real gun like mabye orange muzzle

  25. Hello all,

    We have released a new video and are making progress with legalisation of airsoft in Australia.

    Check out our website, just google “airsoft australia” πŸ˜‰

    Mr. J
    Airsoft Australia

  26. These limitations have made my prop replica hobby somewhat difficult. Some while ago I had a clear plastic Beretta “toy” pistol sent over from the states to use in a Judge Dredd Lawgiver prop. Of course it was an Airsoft gun and Customs destroyed it. My all meatl batarang was destroyed too as it was classified as a “throwing blade” even though it had no sharp edges. It’s moronic!

    I’ve shot smyself at close range with these pellet guns and they barely sting. The new disc firing Nerf guns fire with much more force. I wouldn’t like one of them in the eye that’s for sure.

    As for many Airsoft guns looking exactly like restricted or prohitibed weapons, BIG DEAL. So does a completely legal full metal replica pistol. I think that’s the point with a “replica”.

    More prop makers need to think Nerf. Makes it easier for us.

  27. I am also very interested in airsoft guns and have wanted one for a while. Reason because I think they’re fun to play with. Just like ‘Nerf’ guns are, to run around and shoot your makes with and even maybe to keep as collectables.

    I personally think the law should simply be ‘Air soft guns are not to be carried in public places, need to be easily identified as a replica gun and to be state registered’ or something along those lines..

    • I totally agree with you, Gary

  28. I am a licenced handgun owner in Australia. I wanted to teach my 2 boys how to handle firearms properly. To understand them and use them safely … so I tried to get them a couple of Airsoft toys to start with. Had many confiscated by customs and ended up giving up. Instead I had to start them off directly with my STI semi auto 9mm ?? The laws are ridiculous and I urge all you young people to fight to have them changed.

    First off, if you try to rob a store with a fake gun and get shot by either the police or the store owner in the process of them defending themselves – too fucking bad, you deserve it. You intended for them to believe it was a real firearm and they did!

    Secondly has everyone forgotten that a government is supposed to represent the people not dictate to them. It is not a matter they won’t let me, it is a matter of we want you to so you damn well WILL.

    Every TV show, movie, video game is saturated with violence these days and if the kids are not able to get it out of their system with toys they develop FALSE ideas about what is real and what is not.

    My own boys went from wanting gun this to gun that to other things once they had experienced using a real gun. The novelty often wears off which is a good thing. The look on their face the first time they fired the 9mm told the story – scared the shit out of them and made them appreciate the reality of it all.

    If my kids come across a gun in their friends dad’s wardrobe while sneaking around as kids do I am confident they won’t pick it up and blast their friend thinking it is like a video game or movie. They would either not touch it or if their curiosity got the better of them they would point it in a safe direction, remove the mag and check it for a chambered round to know if it was live or not …. and that is how it should be.

    Fight for your rights. The right to do what you want so long as it does not affect others along with the responsibility to be accountable for your own actions .

    The Katter Australia Party is your friend. If you vote do not vote for the major parties as you will get nowhere. Vote for the KAP or the shooters party and you will get your rights and freedoms back.

  29. I think the airsoft laws in Austrailia are Bullsht. I have just started to become interested in them but don’t think I’ll bother anymore with these stupid laws. As Sean said, I think I might have to drive to SA to get myself a <180 FPS gun if I was really that desperate. Theb I would have to go through the struggle to get a gun license then all the paperwork involved. Not happy Jan πŸ™

    • f ‘en oath

  30. The kinda weird thing is,you can buy slingshots and use the for a robbery.
    Those things a suprisingly powerful, you could
    Break someone’s arm quite easily.
    And you guys are right, gun laws a crud.
    I mean I really want a air soft but I can’t
    And I don’t want to break the (quite stupid but understandable law)

  31. Allow airsoft tell your friends petition the government, vote for poeple who will support the cause

  32. The real problems is that the WHOLE OF THE AUSTRALIAN POLICE FORCE is trigger happy and have been for many years back in the 1970’s, the 1980’s, the 1990’s and even last decade there were numerous police shootings some of these were proven to be murder by the police involved like in Victoria in the late 80’s and early 90’s some of the armed robbery squad police officers were guilty of multiple murders by planting guns on the victims so that would be the major thing behind the illegality of airsoft the police are all completely to trigger happy in Australia they will shoot you if they want to anyway

  33. To be honest with you if someone pointed an airsoft pistol at me whilst I had my Sig Sauer 226 at hand, I would put a 9mm round into them. They do look real & I will not take the chance of it being real. That being said if there were licensing & storage requirements the same as for handguns then I can’t see the problem.
    Unfortunately someones little brother could & would end up with the “big Kids” Airsoft, not understanding the ramifications of waving it about in public, thus causing REAL fear in the vicinity, in which case do you think it prudent to try to ascertain whether it is a “real” gun or not @ 30m?
    If it looks like a gun, then as far as I am concerned it should be treated like a gun as it COULD be a gun & I am not going to take that risk, after all the kid waving it around may have actually found a real gun.
    Now, if that same airsoft gun was subjected to the same rules of licensing (perhaps with its own category “cat S” for example), safe storage (cat H safe) & use (airsoft venue) then I say “Go for it”. That way at least they will be harder for numbnuts to get hold of so when there is a firearm being waved around recklessly less people can have a sook when the person brandishing it gets shot in the chest.

    • here here but what bout like just in the back garden shooting levees and Shiite?

  34. Here’s an idea. Legalize only airsoft weapons with an orange tip muzzle. Then, Australia could start producing its own airsoft “toys” (They are toys, not weapons). More jobs, Australian-owned products. Honestly, a baseball bat will do more damage to someone, so why can I go down to any sports store and purchse one for $20-$50 without a license? According to some, Martial arts is a weapon. So do I need to have a license for myself?? I agree with that Airsoft toys look like real weapons and may confuse authorities. I also agree that if you’re dumb enough to threaten people with them, you deserve to be shot. Someone’s at my door? Police? Oh, that’s right, logical ideas are banned in 2020. Yes, Prime Minister, I will eat all my vegetables, not swear, go to bed early and do what I’m told.

    So much for “We are young and free”

  35. a-parentally you can only aquaria a air soft riffle yes riffle that only takes one shot ,aka-a sniper bb gun (And you need a gun license for a riffle to get legal air soft gun in QLD+ need’s to be none replica) πŸ™ this whole thin sucks and taking in to consideration I only wanted a hand/pistol BB gun or a shot gun BB gun this is never going to happen it seems. πŸ™ not in my life time:/
    this site here has a fair bit of info

  36. A single psychopath shoots people and guns get banned for a whole country.

    Police violence, corruption and revenue chasing happens daily, but nobody cares.

    I feel totally safe in Australia… 😐

  37. It’s hard for me even to get toy guns to break off from the airsoft topic but i want to go in to film making and need firearms for my films but airsoft is Bad so says the goverment but it hard just to get toys i understand the law but we still have crime i think if the crook pulls it on you the police can shoot him in the foot or some thing but film makers have it hard the only thing apart from toy non-firing guns i could do is make them out of metal and wood airsoft would be a god sent for me i wouldn’t need ammo for them just them and the green/CO2 gas and i would store them in safe if i had to.

  38. The Airsoft laws are there for a reason p p l they look real and there fore could be mistook for a real weapon. Saying that, people rob stores with blades, hammers and whatever else. You can also buy a metal replica gun so long as it does not fire, so not selling plastic replicas because they fire little plastic balls seems pointless.

  39. Common make airsoft legal it probably legal before what happened what are you afraid someones sue someone if someone gets hurt or something :P.

  40. I had my fathers 303 rifle, that was Stripped, not a firearm anymore, the barrel had been removed, I glued a Fiberglass poll on the stock for the effect of a Barrel. There was a school function where you dress up as a theme, Mine was Star Wars. I dressed up as a bounty Hunter, with the FAKE Rifle, Took it to the bus stop, hopped on the bus, And Then the cops were called by some guy, the cops pulled the bus over, I was arrested for haveing a FAKE gun, Not even a firearm. I got a warning. Its was Fucking Stupid! I was only 14! Fake guns, or even Replica guns, are said to be legal by the police government site. What the Fuck happened there Australia.
    The law is too bloody tight, One day I hope The people that make these laws will get some sense into themselves, It is Truely Pathetic!

  41. Here in new Zealand you can buy soft air guns air pistols bb pistols slug guns without a license if over 18 .when people rob banks or shops they usually use a real gun like a stolen shot gun or knife very really are soft air guns used in hold ups . It does happen but not that often considering anyone can get hold of them

  42. Get over it people .
    I’m a Pistol shooter and love it .
    Real men use real guns !
    Plastic is for recycling .

  43. Forget it. I LOVE GUNS. But unfortunately, Australia will NEVER say ok to Airsoft. Shit is calm and good as it is, so why would government suddenly say “Let’s legalize airsoft because their only toys and plastic” Imagine the work for them trying to re-ban Airsoft if shit hit the fan. Sorry, it’s just not going to happen. Best is to accept the law and move on. And for the desperados, play airsoft overseas.

  44. Try there trying to petition the gov 2012 2013,

  45. So, I just ordered one into australia with no permit, will i be arrested?

    • Tom I would imagine it won’t make it through customs.

  46. you know the thing is if there were no idiots in the start that would kill people with firearms we would still be shooting our airsoft guns in our back yard at tin cans and targets without needing to wait 12 months to get a license and then renew it every year.

    Gets expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. you can buy realistic looking toy guns in aust go look at http://www.armouredheaven and tell me they dont look as real as an airsoft weapon

  48. I’m really hoping that this comment is going to be seen and agreed with. Let’s say an idiot has an airsoft gun in 2013 and that they have been unbanned(in this comment), and he tries to use it to rob someone. The person being robbed knows it’s an airsoft because they have plastic orange tips on them that are put on in a way that if they are removed, it will damage the front of the plastic. So then cops know it is an airsoft and then they can’t shoot them with their little metal friends, because it will be distinguishable. What if he had imported it? You can’t import them unless you have a guns licence. But you can get Australia Legalised ones at Kmart. (This isn’t true, but it is an IDEA for you debating kind of people) I do find it crap you can’t get one which is why I’m going to make some instead. I only need a simple airsoft rifle to get rid of the Indian myna birds that are pests in Australia. There, a GENUINE REASON!!! πŸ™‚ Stuff that in your cake and eat it, Nanny Government!

  49. Stupid thing is, is that beef guns aren’t banned – along with other similar weapons. If airworthy shoots projectiles with Co2 or air, why is a gun that fires them with a spring any different? This whole gun thing makes hardly any sense to me!

  50. Sorry about the other comment, autocorrect took over without me realizing. Beef gun is nerf gun and airworthy is airsoft

    • Damn autocorrect ;p

  51. “they have plastic orange tips on them that are put on in a way that if they are removed”

    Ever heard of… black paint?

  52. I hope the Australian Government starts learning from the MISTAKES make by the Malaysian Government for not letting the citizen to learn how to handle a firearms. None of the citizen have any firearms to protect themselves when the invaders from the Philippines starts walking in slaughtering the people along the ways ( unreported ). The citizen have nothing to protect themselves and their families. They have nothing other than cutting trees saw to protect themselves. Can you imagine that just 1 day, a neighboring country start attacking any one of the 7 cities?? ( Watch the movie Red Dawn ). What are the citizen of Australia going to do to protect their families??? Are they going to protect their families with kitchen knife or a chain saw or maybe a Dart sets?? Politician and policies makers of Australia, wake up before it is too late!!! What a Shame…We elect you to sit up there not just to snore and fart in the Parliament. Can anyone of you in the Parliament know how handle a P99Q pistol or a M16 assault rifle??? WOLVERINES wears sport shoes NOT
    Let the citizen learn how to use a firearms starting with Pellet & BB guns. That is the best way to learn. The guns are good learning materials. These guns cannot kill anyone but at least, they will knows how to use a real firearms when they get one. Almost all women in Pakistan & Africa knows how to handle a firearm and how to used a hand grenade. Are you going to see your citizen going down 1 by 1 while you are enjoying your Champagne at The Lodge. I hope one of you will read this article and REMOVE the BAN on us having a Pellet or BB guns. You will be a HERO one day by REMOVING this BAN and PROTECT the Country from being invaded. There are no SHAME.. THINK for the FUTURE.

  53. Part of your airsoft licence should include that if you are holding them in public places and action is taken against you (police shoot you for example) it is entirely your fault.

  54. So, if ‘blowing someone away’ is ‘unreasonable’, what do you, in your infinite wisdom, consider to be ‘reasonable’ in defence against an attacker armed with, say, a knife?

  55. I am buying a air soft pistol offline, from america. Some laws were made to be broken. If u get caught with one the fine is a small fine. Air soft guns are not hard to obtain in Australia. If u go to a gun show in Australia there are plenty of Air soft guns that can easily be brought without a license. It is really easy to obtain if u look around. The punishment is a small fine if you get caught, and i know lots of air soft gun owners. None of them have be caught.

    • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. This makes me sad and it won’t help in the legalization fight.

  56. Ok so let me get this straight we can have rifles that can actually kill but we are not allowed to have airsoft guns that shoot little plastic pellets. Australian logic at it’s best -_-

  57. Where can i buy a bb gun in Australia?

    • You can’t legally do so without a license.

  58. im sorry thats not strictly speaking true
    that is only the victorian police

  59. I spoke to the weapons licensing branch at Qld Police and basically while you can get a licence for a real bullet firing gun you will never be able to get a licence for a an Airsoft gun (including “springers”) as Airsoft just isn’t allowed in Australia. Real gun – yes. Toy gun – no. Now the problem is that Airsoft guns aren’t allowed as there is no reason to have one because there are no Airsoft shooting ranges here. However no one will set up an Airsoft shooting range because Airsoft guns aren’t allowed here. It’s kind of a circular argument. I even asked about importing just the plastic shells (no mechanism at all) of an Airsoft rifle to make a replica prop gun and they said no because they were parts of an Airsoft gun which isn’t allowed.

    • Hi Peter,
      firstly thanks for such a knowledgeable / articulate response. I’m pretty bummed about this. I joined a gun club, got my license etc. all because I had assumed – now I see wrongly – that I would be able to buy some Airsoft and use them on the Air range (Airsoft seemed less powerful than the guns I presently use there). I was even told this was ‘probably’ okay by another member. Oh well I guess it will be a regular Air target gun for me πŸ™

  60. Matt let us know how importing one goes for you. When it hits Customs it will be x-rayed. It will look like a gun. It will be opened and as soon as it’s found to be an Airsoft gun it will be confiscated. They will send you a letter telling you that you hae 30 days to appeal it’s confiscation and destruction. The letter will also tell you that Customs has never lost a court case like this and you will pay the court costs when you lose. I’ve been there twice. So good luck.

  61. You said it i totally agree with u

  62. The idiot legislators in government are now applying the same stupid lack of logic to knives/bayonets. You can have any kitchen knife, but not hunting knives/bayonets (without having to jump through hoops to get a special permit!) The Customs regulations for importing knives/swords/bayonets are even more ludicrous.I am a licenced gun and weapons collector (all categories) and certified “Student of Arms” in South Australia, but have had an imported 18th Century German hunting sword siezed and destroyed because it was “too short” CRETINS !!!

  63. Seriously people you are complaining about BB guns??
    For starters if u don’t like australian laws and rules then go back to the uk where soldiers can be killed on the streets and the police can’t so shit..
    Yes the laws are stricked but we don’t see near the gun crims the us have.
    And so you all know the armed guard hold ups in Sydney were done with BB guns..
    As there is a licence for collectors there is no need for air soft.. U want to run round and shoot your mates? 1st check yourself out as u are the reason we have these laws 2nd go to paint ball…

    U are all just a bunch of whinging pombs that need your heads checked. There are bigger issues in Australia/ the world than a BB gun. Wake up peopl

  64. As a firearm holder and recreational shooter I would like to chip my two cents worth:

    – Airsoft should be legal if your stupid enough to run around holding people up, then great if you get taken out of the gene pool
    – Why the hell should anyone citizen or govt tell me what I can or can not do, so long as I do not hurt you or impact on your freedoms.
    – As far as getting your head looked at for playing team shoot me ups with friends, well then we should apply the logic to fast cars you don’t need these, sex shops you don’t need these, tacky shops full of plastic crap well you don’t need these, the Internet you don’t need this, boxing classes gee why would you want to hit someone who are you to tell me what I should or should not do. I do what I want to, this is called freedom.
    – In fact I would go further you know what as a fellow citizen i trust you to be responsible until proven otherwise and then we will treat you like an idiot if that is what you are. Do not punish me for some idiot who cannot control himself.
    – self defence and reasonable force, your darn right deadly force is reasonable, if you threaten me or my family on my property then this isn’t a bloody boxing fight with rules it’s dog eat dog and any sane person would use what he has at his disposal and why not? You want to wake at 2 am with power out confronting some doped up thug and discuss reasonable force? Then you deserve to be taken out of the gene pool.
    – So the cops who have plenty of warning plus numbers don’t confront criminals and discuss the fairness of how much force they should use to arrest someone, so why should you?
    – Only a fool submits his freedoms to the government and trusts them, only a fool, you have nothing as valuable as your family, life and freedom do not give away.

  65. Well you dont hear much about a cop shooting an American daily because he was in public waving around a gun. I does happen but not everyday. If american police can safely calm a person with a gun, real or fake, then surely Australia can do the same.

  66. 1. BB guns and air guns are banned in the UK, same as Australia and Tasmania.

    2. Paintball is not as exciting or realistic as an airsoft game.

    3. Bigger issues are being adressed in Australia and around the world. We just want to be able to purchase a frickin toy gun in Australia without being fined and/or locked up.

  67. Father Batters Son To Death With Cricket Bat – Sky Newsβ€Ž
    Feb 13, 2014 Perhaps someone could persuade the Government to restrict and license cricket bats and knives? I have’nt ever heard of anyone being KILLED by an Airsoft gun!

  68. To hell with it, get me a foot pump, a few pieces of PVC, and some BB’s. Let’s see them try to stop me…

  69. I am a Hong Kong airsoft repairer,come to Au travel now live in MEL……

    If worry the lethal,limit Joule
    If worry too much like true, restrict ingredients / Muzzle brake with orange
    You can’t ban the whole thing for someone “MAY” use it unlawfully just like you can’t stop entrance peanuts because someone will dead after they eat peanuts!

    in USA BB gun must use the Muzzle brake with orange,so the police know is not real gun
    in Japen,not exceed the limit of 30% metal content,and the Joule must under 0.98Joule
    in Germany,all the BB must be single shot ONLY!(New Zealand is too before,but now they can have FULL AUTO when under 1Joule)

    You can say that someone would be used to do stupid things like robbery, but they can also be used like a knife,should you ban the knives too?

  70. All Gun Laws are shit, all Police are scum, and anyone who is scared of weapons, hopefully gets steeltoed right through the skull then they can complain to the devil about it vermin, I’ve had it with stupid laws, stupid people and this stupid planet. I’ll do whatever the hell I damn well please as long as the Bible doesn’t say I can’t, and when Jesus said to buy a sword, he meant buy one, and it doesn’t have to be a sword, if you can’t get a gun, make one, simple as that, who cares if the Gov doesn’t like it or not, they’re all headed straight to hell anyway, let ’em burn.

  71. hopefully all these subhuman sacks of shit aka the Politicians, the police and rest of the wimp sheeple, who think that weapons are bad and scary, get strangled to death in their sleep. inferior verminous filth.

  72. I could not agree with you more. Bravo – “Why the hell should anyone citizen or govt tell me what I can or can not do, so long as I do not hurt you or impact on your freedoms” I have been saying this to Aussies and UK folks for a while now they just don’t understand what freedom is.

  73. I am australian I admit it and it is a shame that we are stuck with crap guns all we get is some crappy spring loaded nerf guns.

  74. You do know britan is thinking about banning knifes right?

  75. Playing airsoft has been my past time for the last couple years. I absolutely enjoy all the different configurations and model of firarms. I am also an afficionado on air soft accesory, i really love it.

  76. I have been a licenced shooter since 1972. I was given my first air-rifle when I was 10 yrs old. As a club member I had, 2 single action .357 pistols,a lever action .357 rifle. A 12 g coachgun, a .22 semiauto handgun. a .38 special revolver, and a 1000ft per sec. air rifle + a 77oFPS air pistol. AND guess what??? I could not have an airsoft pistol for home practice. But wait theres more, in these past 55yrs. I have NEVER SHOT ANYONE.?? Unbelievable,hay???

  77. Spot on with this write-up, I really believe that
    this site needs a great deal more attention.
    I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the info!

  78. Just have an orange tip on the guns

  79. as an aussie army cadet we allowed with parental permission to shoot fully automatic standard issue 5.56 assualt rifles without licencing on a adf approved range with an instructor each the only age requirment is the standard 12.5 years old yet paintball laser tag airsoft and other simulation projectile/sensor games or use is restricted and this is in uniform on military bases in nsw some states allow paint ball and machette use on thes camps/bivs and some restrict use of any such tool (pocket knives)my unit had a very at ease officer commanding who allowed 7 cm blades but when battalion officers or other cadets where around on camp or base they were outlawed and you were lucky if the assisting staff let it slip and i agree police need to nut up or shut up because this is a load of bs im allowed to fire a catagory d weapon yet as soon as there is any talk of 5mm squared plastic or paper yes there are paper bbs flying around a piece of bush or a range or even building interior no way i live in a rural town were archery is a weekly school sport were you can bring your own bows and ammunition to school on the day and have it kept in the office till we go to the pcyc yes the pcyc in door range this is a compound bow im talking about and the majority of the time the dp or the principal leave there doors unlocked or the staff room open this is a rampage waiting to happen yet i cant wear my cadets uniform while i make a 5 minute speach as it is auscam or dpcu for anzac day of all things as it may make the crowd uneasy most of the crowd are hunters, punks or fellow cadets them self yet we can fire class d weapons and compound bows with out a second glance but bbs nooo

  80. I a bit worried we will not see Airsoft legal in Australia in my lifetime. I’m a retired Us Army Vet now living here and in serious target shooting withdrawal. I attend a safety course on Monday to get my license because Australia will not recognize my previous experience Military or US Hunter Safety Course. I’ve had BB guns since 5 and now I have Nerf to get my shooting fix. Now to the problem. Airsoft needs the support of the police to get it through however they are the reason we don’t have Airsoft now. The BS about they look like real guns doesn’t hold water if the police are not so trigger happy. First off if the police are in a standoff and the person with the Airsoft doesn’t drop it when told to, Airsoft or Real they have an issue and I don’t want to say death wish but it is what it is. Secondly anyone that has fired any real weapon whether a 22 or a M16 knows the time you actual have to react. A delayed reaction with a real firearm does not make as much difference it actually helps. COD has it more correct than anyone. You must fire either at the end of an exhale or intake to be truly accurate. Firing from the hip or in the action of drawing your weapon is only going to leave someone looking like Seth McFarlane in 10mil ways to die in the west. So back to the standoff you have time to react. This is not the wild west with hand guns at noon. Unless again we are talking about a person with a death wish and a policeman with an itchy trigger finger. These points you can’t make if you need the support of the police to get this through. The final point which I think Airsoft has made very very well is that I can go to Mr Toyworld this afternoon and get a pretty convincing replica that from 10m will appear like I’m holding a real fire arm. I can go on youtube and learn to make my Nerf arsenal look real, so do we outlaw spray paint. If I aim a Nerf or a toy at an officer of the law or a store clerk than I should pay the consequences. If I’m holding it and an office tell me to drop it, or drop anything for that matter I should be allowed the 5 seconds it takes to drop it without losing my life. Legal or not legal that is the issue. As many posters have mentioned short tempered hair trigger police/public stories are the norm here and therefore we lose a liberty because of the issues of others.
    There are 330mil people in the US and the number of firearm incidents per capita where you can “Buy a gun at Walmart” compared to the number in Australia has to be much lower. In the Us those who have firearms learn to respect them and those who don’t wouldn’t have even if they weren’t legal and available.
    Participating in Airsoft or Paintball teaches you discipline, teamwork, the ability to think under pressure, and patience I can see why Australian don’t want their public learning that. Who would want their people all these skills that could translate into the business and political world. God forbid who would watch Parliament meetings with no fool was yelling “Bully Bully” while someone was making a presentation that didn’t agree with. I love it here in Australia and it is worth the target shooting withdrawl which I will have to endure until my children are old enough to go to the range with me because Sundays in the yard having wars with them and Nerf are better than Sundays at the range without them.

  81. OMG I need them to legalise Airsoft because I love it so much I’m like its biggest fan ever!!

  82. The thing is not about guns or any weapons, This is all about your rights living in a democratic free Country, and the right for One to protect One self and family and property, But these so called leaders of our Country, Seen to dictate to the people they serve. I really understand the 2nd amendmemt of the US constitution (THE RIGHT TO BEAR AND CARRY ARMS), In fact it means the RIGHT TO PROTECT ONE SELF AND FAMILY FROM INVAION OF YOUR RIGHTS, I wish ALL AUSTRLIAN would have this same idealolodgy and AUSTRLIA would be a better place to live.
    There are many more thing I would love to touch on here but haven’t the time.

    • This idiot that wrote this article said she understand the 2nd amendment but is still against the concept of self defense! Every country should have freedom of speech and gun rights.

      Why do police own guns? Are they so special and we aren’t?

      • Hi, I’m the idiot that wrote the article, long long ago. The police are special because they are paid to protect and serve the populace, we ‘the people’ are not, we have no legal right to do so. Of course as an idiot what would I know. The world may be so much better off if we all just went around dispensing vigilante justice wherever and whenever we pleased.

        I’ll now get you your other points, since for some reason you’ve left multiples.

  83. How old do you have to be

  84. Regarding Airsoft in Australia – the official response I have had to enquiries to all State and Territory police departments is that under no circumstances will the relevant Firearms Branch issue registration or a permit to aquire an Airsoft gun, EVEN if it has passed Customs firearms safety checks. They do not see Airsoft as a legitimate reason for ownership. Details vary by State; for example in Victoria an Airsoft gun is considered an ‘imitation’ firearm and is therefore prohibited except with the correct permit.

  85. its so bullshit airsoft guns should be aloud like in the uk there is a certain limit of fps u can have on the gun me myself my m8 is shipping some over so were have a blast just like i did in the uk .


  86. there is no age they are illegal in aus because the fuking idiots the used them.

  87. You May as well need a licence for a bow and nerf guns, There basically just as lethal!

  88. Hi i hope i do not look like a fool saying this but have u got airsotf pi stol for sale if so i am look at the GG EXTREME 45 CO2 PIST but i live in Australia yep i no we sux Australia is shit so if u can hunt it down or u may have it something with co2 blowback and that is all if u can help would be very nice thank u for your time and all your help again sorry if i email u and u have nothing to do with them talk soon ### C^U###

  89. The gun laws in Australia are so strict, i ended up buying x2 blank firing guns while i was on a holiday in Turkey in 2011(there safely locked up in my holiday house there). The laws in Turkey were laughable at best, all i had to do was find out what gun’s i wanted and go down to the local court house, get a piece of paper saying that i had no criminal record then head on down to the gun store with said paper and cash in my hands and hand them over. And to carry my Blank fire guns all i need to do is carry the recipt from the gun store on my person at all times. If i wanted to buy a “REAL” hand gun, the procedure was exactly the same with the exception of going to the hospital for a quick 10-15 minute psych evaluation, then head on down to the gun store with both the previous criminal record check paperwork and the psych evaluation and i would have been handed over any handgun of my choosing. Im really happy with my Blank fire guns, they look real enough, i was almost tempted to go through with getting the proper handgun licence while i was there but i decided against it as i only go there for holidays once in a while so it wouldnt have been worth paying the extra money for the gun.

    If you guys are interested in looking up what guns i have you can go a google search for Zoraki M906(Miniature Beretta clone) and a Zoraki Falcon(slightly smaller clone of Desert Eagle). I went back overseas in 2015 (4 years after i bought my guns) and i noticed however my P.A.K. Blank Rounds looked pretty corroded and didnt want to risk firing them, however my guns were nice and clean, still lubed up from when i left them in 2011, not bad for sitting in there carry cases for 4 years.

  90. A sensible approach is what is needed here. I don’t think there is any place quite like Australia when It comes to unnecessarily restricting people’s personal freedom. Just take a look at New Zealand for example, you can buy BB and a air soft guns there with very sensible laws that allow people to enjoy the shooting activity with a sensible approach. They also allow consumer fireworks to be purchased for cracker night with sensible laws that allow families to enjoy this tradition which is a lot of fun for everybody concerned. These types of activities benefit the economy of New Zealand as a whole through retail sales and employment. Other country’s around the world do the same with similar laws regarding these products. But have a look at Australia by comparison. It’s got an economy in tatters, unemployment is through the roof!. In good old Australia, not content with banning BB (Air-soft) and fireworks over the years. Recently in Victoria the Labor government restricted the sale of monkey bikes. In Sydney, the Liberal party banned greyhound racing (Grey hound racing for gods sake!), before doing an about turn due to public anger. If you look at the products that have been restricted over the years the list is quite long. We really need a political party that is going to stand up and return peoples rights, because we don’t have the freedoms in country we once did, it’s no longer the land of the free, it’s the land of the oppressed.

  91. Australia government suck half of the dick wouldn’t have a clue what goes on in the world they just don’t listen to us people a air guns I grow up with them concentrate on auto weapons and hard drugs and forget about the toys

  92. I never hear people ring up radio stations and make a big enough fuss of these stupid gun laws in real life! The authorities need to listen to ordinary people. Airsoft and bb guns are all about having fun!

    The government should be held accountable to the people. WE should have the power and dictate commonsense! These politicians are against freedom and we should fight politically for our freedoms! Why have all our freedoms been taken away!? Freedom is something precious!

    • I should have read the article more thoroughly. This person is anti gun! She doesn’t get the threats of freedom when she wanted to do something. She assumes self defense means that people will just start blasting away at guns. If you don’t want a gun, don’t tell others what to do. It’s like the road toll each year is pretty bad but no one is saying get rid of cars!

      • Yes reading an article thoroughly before calling the author an idiot is usually best. The ‘threats to freedom’ you’re talking about no longer exist in the manner they were written into law so many years ago, gone are the times of armed militia, small governance and no statutory legal services. I ‘assume’ nothing in my article and if you’d read it correctly you’d see that. I wasn’t ‘telling’ anyone what to do, it was an interest piece written years ago about Airsoft… NOT real guns. Your car argument is moot and a nonsense, but I’m sure that’s all you have.

    • Oh Chuck, you are quite the ranter aren’t you. Ironically here we seem to agree, which I’m stunned at, Airsoft is about fun, however here in Australia they are illegal due to our strict laws, laws that I as a citizen of this amazing country abide by.

      Granted our present leadership here is not great, in similar fashion to your present leadership, they are about filling the pockets of the rich, whilst disenfranchising the poor. Like your leadership ours too uses fear as a way of dumbing down the masses. When the populace is scared, they will follow anyone, even an inarticulate businessman with his own wealth placed high above the needs of the flagging population.

      Freedom is indeed precious, but fear mongering and not following the rule of law of a democracy will squash your freedom. Personally I’m happy to not be able to use Airsoft, annoying though it may be, but it makes Australia a safer place.. regardless of my own wants and that is what is most important to me.

      • Banning a toy gun does not make our country safe. You might want to rethink that comment.

        • Oh I’m sorry. I can’t even remember what the comment was that raised your hackles as I have no context here in the backend comment section. What did I say that was so annoying to you? I’m sure I had a logical reasoning behind whatever it was.

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