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1940s Photo of a time traveler is not photoshopped

1940s Photo of a time traveler is not photoshopped

I know this has been around for awhile, but I wanted to do a quick blog because I find it really interesting. So the story goes this image is not photo-shopped, we apparently know this because it’s part of a Canadian museums stock images. What do you make of the time traveler guy standing amongst the other people of the time? Well I really want to believe this, but sadly it seems there is a perfectly logical explanation.

First up it’s assumed he’s in a t-shirt and hoodie, but it’s far more likely it’s a letterman jumper from a university of the time and a jacket. The weird modern looking sunglasses too were around at the time and a favorite of mountaineers apparently. Bummer huh? Oh well, in my heart this is still proof of time travel.

If that doesn’t float your boat check out the time traveling woman on a mobile phone. She was recently spotted in the background of a Charlie Chaplin movie. Check her out in the clip below. Just don’t read on if you want that magic snuffed out also.

The time traveling woman with the mobile phone is most likely a woman using a thing called an “ear trumpet”. This is sort of an old style hearing aid you would press into the ear and hold there. No explanation for why she seems to be talking to herself though. Oh well.

Damn you Occam’s razor.

This post originally appear at and it was flung through a Stargate or wormhole to Tumblr and Posterous. If you’re reading it there and wish to comment (and why wouldn’t you?!), head to as they’re the only comments I read and respond to. Thanks! xx

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  1. This photo freaked me out. How cool would it be if it was real. With everyone with mobile cameras now it would be so cool to have some evidence of strange things thats not all fuzzy, like photos of all ufos and time travelers and other weird things like ghosts and things.

  2. Well, that’s just….. weird.

    Shame it’s probably not real.

    God I can’t believe I said probably, like I am contemplating it is a photo of a real time traveller getting sprung.

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