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Sheryl Crow album 100 Miles from Memphis

Sheryl Crow album 100 Miles from Memphis

Sheryl Crow has a new album and given I own EVERY album, single, limited edition, DVD, bluray Sheryl Crow has thus far released in her career, I am duty bound to purchase her latest offering (the same rule is applied to anything Kate Bush releases, though let’s face it, that’s once every decade or so lol). So I hit iTunes (gasp I know, I prefer the real deal but my partner likes the fake stuff) and bought “100 Miles from Memphis”.

So here’s my thoughts on my first run through, for prosperity, since my opinion may well change with further listens. First up the cover of “I Want You Back” <- it's creepy how much like Michael Jackson Sheryl Crow sounds lol. I also made an ass of myself by asking @GadgetGirlTracy who "Michael" was in the dedication <- There it's here forever. My brain was clearly switched off, but for the giggle it gave her... worth it. Favorite song on the album was "Say What You Want" as I like it when Sheryl Sings politics and leaves the whiny love stuff to lesser talented artists. I should also point out Sheryl broke the "na na na na na na na" rule on this album. It's a personal 'meh' I have when singers sing "na na's" instead of actual lyrics and Sheryl does so on a couple of songs on this album. That said 100 Miles from Memphis a good album. I don't think it's as good as Wildflower which features some of the best songs in her catalog (along with The Globe Sessions and Tuesday Night Music Club). Still, worth a look if you like Sheryl.


  1. It’s a good album, certainly better than her last effort with that godawful diamond ring song.

  2. Way better than her last album imho.

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