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Steampunk trumpet pistol mod by Prof. Aldous Merriweather

Posted in Australian Nerf Reviews and Mods, Featured, General Prop Work - Non Nerf Buzz Bee, Mod / Prop Portfolio, music, Nerfenstein's Blog, Random, steampunk, video | 0 comments

My good friend Spencer over at Landgrave Customs is presently running a competition called the Rock On Contest. The idea is entrants do a...

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Nerf Rayven police cruiser mod with light and sound

Posted in Australian Nerf Reviews and Mods, Featured, Mod / Prop Portfolio, Nerfenstein's Blog, video | 0 comments

Hello fellow Nerf fans! Yes I’m back with another crazy Nerfenstein Nerf modification, this time it’s the Nerf Rayven. This is...

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MoZella is awesomesauce that’s all you need to know

Posted in music, Nerfenstein's Blog | 2 comments

Whether it’s “Stay”, Luvsik”, “Manhattan” or any other Mozella song I loves it. I do take these fancies...

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Thailand’s Got Talent singer watch and be amazed!

Posted in music, Nerfenstein's Blog, Random, video | 3 comments

You know I like my videos here, I usually blog about them if I want them kept for prosperity. That’s what this is. I love this kid so...

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Legend of Zelda as an 80’s teen movie trailer

Posted in gaming, movies, Nerfenstein's Blog, video | 0 comments

One for the gaming geeks and fans of John Hughes movies like “The Breakfast Club”, “Sixteen Candles”, “Ferris...

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UK show Fast and Loose Interpretive Dance shout out

Posted in Nerfenstein's Blog, TV, video | 1 comment

You know I like not only talking about gaming, TV and geek stuff here, but also sharing things I think are entertaining and funny. This...

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Amazing Japanese song music video made with webcams

Posted in Props & Mods, video | 1 comment

Time for another piece of internet awesome I’ve found on my travels and want to store for prosperity. This music video was shot for...

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Walk on the Wild Side with the BBC reminds me of Creature Comforts

Posted in Random, video | 0 comments

It’s the weekend and time for something light, yes hot on the heels of the amazing SleeveFace and Grover doing the old Spice...

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Guy Sebastian X Factor blew me blooper – Oops

Posted in Random, video | 0 comments

Something light for today, on the off chance any non Australian’s swing by my site. Guy Sebastian is a judge on The Australian...

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The Amazing Race Melon to the face – Youch!

Posted in Props & Mods, Random, video | 0 comments

This is just random, but I’m putting it here as I liked the video, and then everyone I sent the video also liked it. I’m not...

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iPad Fanboys – I’m on a Mac (I’m on a Boat spoof)

Posted in video | 0 comments

Slow, but busy work day, so for that reason here is a quick video. Yo I’m on a Mac. Everybody look at me coz I’m clickin on a...

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Star Trek’s Troi and Ryker Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes sitcom

Posted in TV, video | 1 comment

Troi and Riker (Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes) from Star Trek the Next Gen pitch a sitcom and reminisce. This is a GREAT video, if you...

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