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How to kill a prop makers spirit

Posted in Nerfenstein's Blog, Random | 3 comments

A prop maker is an artist, an artist works in many mediums, in various steps. Each step takes something from the artist so precious, so...

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We are the Fallen vs. Evanescence ding ding

Posted in music | 1 comment

We Are The Fallen vs Evanescence. No.. no.. no! You can’t say you’re not trying to be like Evanescence and then have Carly...

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Apple’s Magic Mouse not so magical

Posted in Tech | 0 comments

I bought a Magic Mouse for my Mac when it released and it was fantastic for the first month or so, then, inexplicably it kept losing...

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Sensationalist headlines on Twitter links

Posted in Props & Mods | 1 comment

… drive me mental! It seems like a trend these days to write an article for the sake of hits… I’m looking at you ZDNet as...

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