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Song Tonight I’m Frakking You – with Zoe Graystone

Posted in music, Nerfenstein's Blog, video | 0 comments

Another clip for prosperity, this one isn’t awesome, but I like it because I hate the original song and think this is way better (not...

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Caprica canceled and pulled from air: Pros and Cons

Posted in TV | 10 comments

Caprica got canned today. It’s of no surprise given the ever declining ratings of the SyFy series, but it still stings for those of...

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Caprica Unvanquished thoughts – Episode 10 season one

Posted in TV | 1 comment

It feels like season two, given the huge wait we’ve had, but Caprica episode Unvanquished is actually episode 10 in season one of the...

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Caprica returns in October and not January as expected

Posted in TV | 0 comments

Caprica fans heads up -> Caprica is returning to Syfy in October! Yes, originally we figured we’d need to wait until January to see...

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